Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What's In A Name

When becoming pregnant, one of the first things Luke and I talked about was what we would name our soon to be child.  The process of naming you child is fun and also a task.  Knowing that the name you give is going to be with them for the rest of their life is a lot of pressure.

When deciding boy and girl names we knew we wanted it to be special and family based.  Right away we had a girls name but it was a little more challenging to decide, and agree on a name for a little boy.

For a few weeks before finding out the gender, Luke and I had a running list of boy names and we would mix several different ones together to see if it "fit".

We found out we were having a boy in November 2013 and we knew we wanted to get the ball rolling and nail down a name for our miracle baby boy.  We were ready to start calling him by name instead of just "baby".

The night of his gender revel, Luke through out a name and it stuck.  Griffin Mark Edwards.

The names Griffin and Mark were tossed around with several different names but with Luke put them together, we knew it was the name for our son.

Griffin is a family name on my side.  My Pappy was nicknamed Griff in the Coal Mines and my dad worked along side him and was called "Little Griff."  When it came time for my parents to name my brother they decided on Jon Griffin.  I also liked that Griffin isn't too common of a name.

Mark is a family name on Luke's side.  Luke's middle name is Mark and was named after his father, Mark.

I loved being able to tie our families together and incorporate different names to give Griffin Mark a name that couldn't suit him more.


  1. he's precious :) we hope to start a family soon and i think about this all the time- cute choice!

  2. I had no idea Griffins middle name was Mark! Love it! I am due in a few weeks with a son and we are naming him Mark William. My husbands middle name is Mark too after his father!