Monday, April 13, 2015

Birthday Party Inspiration:Vintage Aviation

With Griffin's 1st birthday being a little more than a week away I thought it was time to share some inspiration for his birthday party and it will be a vintage aviation theme.
I honestly don't know where I came to love the theme of vintage aviation.
Maybe it was this,  
 or this,
but I have really loved embracing his inner Flying Ace.

While planning his first birthday and picking a theme, I knew I still wanted simplicity with muted colors.  Color wise, we will use cream ,white, navy, and craft brown. 

We are close to the home stretch of my little turning one.  It is so bittersweet knowing that the morning after his 1st birthday he will officially become a toddler.  I am really looking forward to sharing his birthday with everyone and you know a ton a pictures will be followed.

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