Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hour by Hour

There are never enough hours in a day to get done what "needs" to get done.  I work part time and I still feel like I am not able to get done things on my list.  I envy you full time working Mama's with 1+ children.

Here is a little sneak peek into my life, hour by hour.

6am: Alarm goes off and I get ready for work.

7am:  The dragon is awake and ready for breakfast.  Dada feeds the boy while I finish getting ready.


8am: Eat a quick breakfast and  start the work day.

9am: Work.

10am: List making makes me happy. 

11am: Work

12noon: Work

1pm: Work

2pm:  Off work and head home for lunch and open happy mail.


3pm: Prep dinner.  This is an easy recipe to mix together the night before and just stick it in the oven.

4pm:  Tackle the mounds of laundry .

5pm: Pick up the boy from daycare and give him a little trim.  He loved it. Ha!

6pm: Stop by the house and check on progress.  Dada and Griff always make a walk to the pond to visit with the geese.


7pm:  Leave the farm and head home.  He is beyond exhausted.

8pm:  Bath is an hour later than normal.  He must have some sort of "toy" in his tub and his paci made the cut.

9pm:  Preparations for Griffin's 1st birthday.  I have pinned every pin you can pin and I am still pinning.

10pm: Catch up on my RH of Beverly Hills. 


  1. I love these posts, so fun learning how people live their lives. Poor lil Griff and his hair cut :)!

  2. And us full time working moms with 1+ children envy the part time working moms that can actually be home for more than a few hours a day.

  3. I love daily posts! Your days look so nice and full! I live by the naked pallet and the benefit mascara too! Everyday! Your dinner looks delish!

  4. I love hour by hour posts!! Your day is so busy (and organized)!