Wednesday, April 8, 2015

#EdwardsNest: Kitchler Lighting

We are in the home stretch with the house friends!  We have the movers scheduled to deliver furniture on the April 20th.  The date may or may not be moved back a bit but regardless we are weeks from moving in.  Finally!

To keep me busy, I wanted to share some of the lighting that will be used in our home.  We have a ton of recessed lighting but these are some of the specialty lighting, and I love them!

Kitchler Lighting
{One}T  his lighting will go in all of the bathrooms.  We like to have everything pretty uniformed so I like that these will look good in all of our bathrooms. 
{Two}  This is one of my favorite lights.  We will have two of these pendant lights in our foyer between each of our stained beams on the ceiling.  I think my favorite thing about these are the finish they have.
{Three}  This is from the same collection as my master closet lighting.  This will actually be hanging above my air tub.  I love how dainty it looks and that it can flow well with my master closet light.
{Four}  My favorite light in the house! Seriously.  I love the off white color of it and I love that it is long and will fit with our 12.5 foot ceiling. 
{Five}  We searched for the perfect pendants to have over the kitchen island for what seems like a lifetime. We finally agreed on these and there will be three hanging. I love the vintage bulb that will be used for these.
{Six}  We have two of these lights that will have over the French doors on the back porch.  They remind me an old European subway light.  Maybe I have seen one too many old movies.
{Seven}  This is another outdoor light.  We will have one on each side of the front door and one on the back door that leads to the open patio.  These things are huge but look great against the brick of our home.


  1. I love all these lights! Especially number 2 and 3! Love the lantern look.

  2. Wow, those light figures are amazing!