Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Weekends Around Here

With moving into our house soon and planning a birthday party, our weekends are always jammed packed.

Friday we picked the boy up from daycare, had a quick dinner out and stopped by the house.  The recessed lighting was installed and it brightened up the house so much.  I plan on doing a house update soon to show more of what has been going on.

This is what happens when you miss your afternoon nap.  We are a little less than two weeks away from his 1st birthday.  I am not sure how he is one yet because it feels like he was born yesterday. 
Saturday morning we had breakfast with Ma'amaw and did some errands around town.
 Griffin was able to try eggs for the first time.  You would of thought that I hadn't fed him in 2 days they way he ate his eggs and pancakes.

Miracle Baby T// Tink & Key
 On Saturday I also co-hosted a Hop of Hope on Instagram.  I encourage you to go to my IG (sydedwards22) and look for this photo.  Click the photo to meet some more people who are on a journey because of infertility.

We are on the hunt for some mirrors to go in the bathrooms.  I like a traditional frame, but this one stood out to me.  I am sure I can find a place for it in one of the bathrooms.
I mentioned to my mom that Griff needed a hat since we spend a lot of time outside.  She got him this one and he instantly turned 15.  Where did my baby go?

Saturday night we spent celebrating Papa's birthday.  Give this boy a ball (or two) and put him outside and he is a happy camper.
Sunday we were up at 6:00am for Griffin's 1st birthday pictures.  I chose the morning because he is so happy then.  He wanted to prove me wrong and was a little difficult but I know we got some wonderful shots. 

After his pictures we were all worn out so the 3 hour nap Griffin decided to take was glorious. 

We made a quick trip to Ma'amaw for one more visit before she heads to the beach for a week.
 We also took important phone calls.  I honestly have never taught him to do this.  I guess he just sees his Dada on the phone and likes to do what Dada does.
Sink baths have been fun, but I am so ready to get this boy in a big tub.  He would stay in until the water is cold and he starts to shiver.  I see a lot of bubble baths in our future.

He wanted to play with his paci instead of all the bath toys he has.

Our weekends are usually packed but I love it.  It is much better than just staying at home all day.  Especially when we have great weather. I hope you all have a great week.



  1. What a perfect weekend! Your house looks awesome and Mr Griffin just gets cuter and cuter. I love the pic of him in the hat! So sweet. I hope you are having a great week!

    Summer Ann

  2. I am dying over your doors, beams and planked ceiling! Thanks for linking up to our April Pretty Preppy Party!