Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Griffin {11 Months}

We have reached the point of no return.  You have reached 11 months and it is sad to think that you are only one month away from being a toddler.  Your Mama is in the middle of planning your first birthday party and trying not to drown in a puddle of sadness.

This months has been so much fun.  The day after you turned 10 months old you decided that it would be a perfect time to start walking.  Now, 4 weeks later you are an expert.  You have no trouble going from a sitting position to standing up and taking off.  You are incredibly mobile and you have Dada and I on constant move.  You still crawl because you know you can get to your destination a lot quicker but you are a full fledged walker.  And Mama is exhausted.

Eating this month has been hard.  I am blaming the two new teeth you cut, making it a total of 6.  You still love your applesauce, yogurt, bananas, sweet potatoes, macaroni, and green beans.  We fed you broccoli/rice casserole and you loved it! So happy I made enough for 2 days worth of meals with it. 

This month we celebrated your First St. Patrick's Day and have been spending a lot of time outside.  If the weather is good, we are outside.  Makes for less mess in the house, too!  You love to be outside just like your Dada.  I am learning to love it more and more because I see how happy it makes you.  Since you started walking, you have really gotten to know what grass feels like on your hands and feet, and you are not a fan.  I know as you get use to it and as you get older you will love it.

You have also learned to help take off your clothes.  As long as I can get one arm out of your shirt, you know to pull it over your head and pull your other arm out.  You are learning so much.

You have a love for books, just like Mama.  Some nights you will sit so still and listen to every word I am reading.  Some nights you love to turn the pages and slap the characters in the book.  While there are nights that you are too busy to sit still and have me read a book, I know those nights are coming where you will ask for "just one more story."

You are still sleeping like a champ! Ever since we got your tubes for your ears when you were 8 months, you have had no problems and sleep has been wonderful!  I don't rock you to sleep every night (I don't want you to get use to it), but when I do I love to listen to you moan and talk yourself to sleep.  I soak up those nights several times a week.

You have started "giving love" and it really makes my heart melt.  The first time you did it made me feel like I was a champion Mama.  I was getting you out of your car seat after daycare and I asked you to "give Mama love."  You quickly laid your head on my chest and wrapped your arms around my shoulders.  I melted.  Now I get to enjoy you "giving love" several times a day.

You are turning 1 year old next month.  We have a busy month of birthday planning and enjoying all that you have to offer.  You are an amazing son and you bring so much joy to our lives.

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  1. Oooo I wish Lawtie girl would help with her dressing process. With her adorable but large head, taking clothes on and off often comes with a mini struggle : ) Griffin is so cute and I can't believe what a mobile (and I'm sure BUSY!) little guy he is! Happy 11!