Monday, April 20, 2015


Y'all have heard me talk about PipSquigz before and you know how much I love them.

But I really, really love them.

There is not a time that we are out to dinner that someone does not ask us about these toys that are occupying my little toddler.
If this isn't a happy face because he loves PipSquigz I don't know what it.

These fun toys stay in his diaper bag at all time and we never leave home without them.  The set comes with three suction toys that will stick to any surface.  They also suction to each other which mixes the fun up a bit.
PipSquigz is by the toy company, Fat Brain, and comes with 3 silicone toys in three different colors.  They each have their own texture on them that enhances your child's motor skills.
We love using them in restaurants but they could also be used in the bathtub and strollers.

 Each PipSquigz has a rattle in it that rattles each time your child flicks the toy.
 Griffin's favorite way is to pull it back and let it go. 
 We also use the pink toy to lay some of his food on so he can feed himself. 
I have not seen these in stores, so unfortunately they have to be ordered from Amazon or Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Griffin has been playing with them since he was 3 months old and still is at almost a year old.  If you are looking for a baby shower gift or just a gift for your little one, I highly recommend this one. 

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