Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happiest of Birthdays, Griffin Mark

This past weekend we celebrated our favorite little boy.  Griffin turned 1 on Saturday and we decided to make a whole weekend out of his Birthday.
Friday night, we had dinner at a restaurant at the Marina.  It was so nice having a small "get together" with family to wish Griffin the Happiest of Birthdays.


Griffin's Grandparents, Grammie, Uncle and Aunt were able to join us. 

 I hinted in an earlier post that I was looking forward to being an Aunt again this year.  Well, these two are expecting a BOY in October!  I am so happy to be adding to our family and so happy that Griffin gets a little boy cousin to grow up with.
Saturday morning we woke up bright an early to sing "Happy Birthday" to Griffin.  He was more interested in the candles than the donuts.

We made a plan to go to the Upstate Children's Museum but since the weather was going to be better than predicted, we decided the Zoo was our best bet.

Griffin loved the zoo.  Once he was able to spot the animals, his eyes were locked on them until we left.  The day left him exhausted and worn slap out which meant for a successful birthday.
On Sunday, Luke decided he wanted one more outing to close out Griffin's birthday weekend.  We drove up to Clemson to walk around the Botanical Gardens.  Griffin was as happy as a clam being strolled around and being outside.

I just want to say Thank You to everyone that wished my little boy a happy 1st birthday.  The day came so quickly but we made great use out of our weekend with him.
We will be having his birthday party this weekend and I am looking forward to sharing it with y'all.

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