Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Infertility Journey: Part 4

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 At the end of March my mom and I took a vacation to Philadelphia to visit my brother and his family.  I brought along a pregnancy test.  During our visit, I didn’t think much about testing because I knew I was too early to test.  On our last day, I caved. 
While I was waiting for the test to finish, I was thinking how I should not of tested because my husband wasn't with me to see the results.  But, the other part of me was glad I did it without him so he couldn't see the negative result and wouldn't be upset that this month was not our month. 
But this cycle was our month. 
We were pregnant!!!!
I stood in the bathroom balling out of pure happiness.  All the medicines and all the shots...they worked!
I already knew how I wanted to share the big news with Luke.  I wanted to take him to the place we had our first kiss, first dance, and the place where he asked me to be his wife.  It was already a special place to us but telling him we were pregnant at the same spot would make it so much richer for the both of us.  After knowing the news for an hour I decided I could not wait till I got back home to tell him that he was going to be a Daddy.  I called him on the phone and asked about his day and quickly said, We are pregnant!!  Luke just started screaming, "WHAT?" and laughing.  We were both so in the moment and our world was perfect again.  We were ready for the huge change that was happening in our lives. We were pregnant...we are going to be parents!
I quickly called my nurse and told her the good news. Megan's response..."Geez that didn't take long."  She is seriously the best.  I made my first blood work appointment with her for when I returned home and my numbers were great!  I had to come back two days later to have another blood drawn to make sure my numbers were doubling like they should, and they were.  Luke and I couldn't still believe it.  We got our due date as December 7, 2013.
Once we found out that everything was looking good I of course started finding the most adorable things on Etsy and started a personal secret board on Pinterest so I could pin appropriate stuff for our December baby without anyone seeing.  We even started picking out the most perfect baby names.  
We were in heaven.  My husband and I were trying to decide when the perfect time would be to tell our family and close friends.  We went back and forth on if we should wait to the "safe period" of 12 weeks or go ahead and share the news and start having the prayers for us and our baby now.  We decided the best thing for us would to tell and just continue to ask for prayers during our whole pregnancy.  We knew not everyone would agree with our decision, but it was the right choice for us. 
I kept waiting for the feeling of being pregnant.  I kept waiting for the headaches and morning sickness to start.  But, neither came which was awesome because I hate being sick.  I am honestly the worlds worst. 
I did have your normal fatigue and I ended up getting this awful itchy rash.  I looked up rashes while pregnant and the only thing I saw was PUPPS.  The pictures and the stories other pregnant women showed scared me to death.  The main thing that worried me was that most women are induced early because they cant take the rash anymore and as soon as they deliver, the rash goes away.  All I could do was pray that it wasn't PUPPS because I knew it would be such a long 9 months.  After seeing my general doctor, he said he didn't think that it was PUPPS and game me a cream.  No relief.  If anything the rash was spreading over my whole entire body.  I called Dr. Miller and he prescribed me something to take the itch away that would not be harmful to the baby and wanted me to see a Maternal-Fetal Specialists.  Luke went with me to see the specialist and all he could say was that it wasn't PUPPS (which I already knew) and that he had no clue what I had.  We were back to square 1 with no help.  I had no clue how I was going to deal with this my entire pregnancy.  How did the dermatologist and the specialist not know what I had? 
I was desperate for answers and my mother in law decided to call her dermatologist and found out that he would see me right away.  He looked and me for 2 seconds and said he knew exactly what I had.  Hives.  Hives...something so small two other doctors could not tell me that I had.  He said he did not think it was from my pregnancy, but possibly from the hormone changes in my body.  He prescribed a steroid (which I got the okay on from Dr. Miller) and it went away in a week.  I was so relieved that the Hives were gone and I could enjoy my pregnancy.

Now all we had to do is wait for our first Ultrasound to see our perfect miracle.

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