Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Guest posting @ The Whimsy One

Hey guys, and happy last day of July!  Where did this month go, huh?

No post here today.  I am guest blogging for Maddie today on The Whimsy One.  She offered me to share my infertility story and journey with her followers through The Infertility Prayer Project.

What is The Infertility Prayer Project?  Well in Maddie's words, it is a sounding board for women or couples that are struggling with the overwhelming desire to have a child and it is not so readily happening for them; even when it seems it is happening for everyone you know or even meet. 

Be sure to go visit The Whimsy One today and read my story.


  1. just stumbled across your blog, new follower! :)

  2. Hi, I'm Hanna. I'm cohosting the Aloha Friday hop this month and just stopping by to say hi and follow your blog :)


  3. Hi there. I'm stopping by from the blog hop & I'm a new follower through Bloglovin. I'll keep you in my prayers. My aunt is having this same problem :( *best wishes!*

  4. I just read your guest post....thanks for sharing your story. It really helps me to feel not so alone in this journey.