Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Infertility Journey: Part 3

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The hope that I had at the end of our first cycle seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist was still there at the start of my second cycle.  All of my medicines were the same and in return I expected the same outcome, perfect lining and at least two mature follicles.
 Neither happened.
During my ultrasound I could tell the tech was not as upbeat about the number of follicles that I had like she did the month before.  She hardly even spoke. I remember getting dressed and just asking my husband what he thought that meant.  The tech walked us into a sitting room and we waited for the nurse. 
Let me get sidetracked for just a second.  I adore my nurse, Megan.  She really knows her stuff when it comes to infertility. She is so personable and makes you feel like a friend instead of a patient.  She is my go to girl before I talk things over with Dr. Miller.
(You can click Here for a quick Bio on Dr. Miller and his staff.)
Megan looked over my ultrasound scans with Luke and I and said that my lining still looked good but I had zero mature follicles.  Zero!  What happened?  My meds were the same.  We did everything the same as last month where I had TWO.  Megan was so reassuring and said that sometimes these things happen and that my body was just not reacting to the medicine like it should.
We talked things over with Dr. Miller and he decided to do more blood work and instead of doing one ultrasound we would do two.  We would stay on the same meds but increase the dosage and add Metformin to the mix. (Metformin is usually prescribed for diabetics, however it helps women who have trouble ovulating.)
He also wanted to start injections.  This scared me.  I was hoping for the least amount of “help” to have a baby and I was already on a cocktail of medications.  But…of course all the medicines and shots in the world would be worth. 
Katie ended up having an excess of Follisim injections (used for egg growth) so she gave me two months worth.  How awesome! I had to have the injections at the same time for five days.  My husband said that he would do them for me but when it came time for him to insert the needle in my stomach, I chickened out.  My nerves started kicking in and I just felt like I needed to be in control of when it happened.  My nerves definitely got the best of me because it was such a piece of cake.   
On day 13 of my cycle I went in for my first of two ultrasounds.  My follicles were right on the line of being mature so he decided to recheck me in two days.  On the second check everything looked great and I was “ready” to ovulate.  Dr. Miller prescribed me a trigger shot to release my eggs; that way there was no guessing game on when we needed to start “trying” for the month.
Now we waited.  We waited for two weeks to see if we would get a positive.


  1. Love you Sydney! So glad I could "share" my meds!!!

    1. You are a wonderful friend and family member. and of course you get extra points for the shots!!