Friday, May 8, 2015

Oh Hey, Friday.

Thank goodness that Friday has finally rolled around.  Let's just right into things, shall we.

{One} The Royal Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born.  I am sure everyone knows this.  She is beautiful in every way imaginable, and so is her mom.  I hate the flack that Kate gets after just giving birth.  It does not bother me once ounce that she looks perfect. Her hair is done just so, her makeup is flawless, and she is wearing heels.  I hate that women/mothers think they have to live up to her.  She has a pampered team with her I'm sure, and you know she is still rocking those mesh panties.  No reason to compare, ladies.

{Two}  I wanted to share a little sneak peek of Griffin's One Year Photos.  I will be sharing them ALL next week.  Get ready for some cuteness overload.
Photos: c/o Rachael Hughes Photography


{Three} Mother's Day is this Sunday!  I don't know how this day came so quickly.  It honestly feels like we just celebrated my first as a mom, and now here we are again getting to celebrate all the mother's out there.  I am so very blessed with the best Mama and mother-in-law.  I am truly lucky to have them both.  I always think about people that have lost the mother and I always think about what a  hard day Mother's Day is for them.  If you know someone that will be celebrating Sunday without their mother, send them a quick message saying that you are thinking about them.  It may just brighten up their day.

{Four}  I have been promising for weeks to do a house update.  It has been well over a month since I gave you a look into where we are, construction wise.  I have a whole post ready to go for Monday, so until then, here are some new furniture purchases for the new house.  We honestly have a storage building full of furniture from my parents' previous house.  We are lucky enough to be getting it all, but there were still a few pieces that we wanted new.  As of now, the only thing that we "need" is a new king bed, 2 side tables, a dresser, dining room chairs, and island chairs. 

{Five}  Something I have realized that I can not live without is the radio talk show I listen to every morning.  I am a country girl, but I listen to a pop radio station during my morning commute.  A lot of people think the radio personalities are corny and not funny at all.  I enjoy them being so carefree and you can really tell they just enjoy their job.  I can have a rough start to my morning and turn the radio on and have a better outlook on my day after listening to them.  It's the small things.

That's all I have for you today.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  Go hug your/a Mom!

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  1. Can't wait to see more of Griffins pics! So sweet!

  2. I wish I could have looked that good leaving the hospital....I love the name they picked out!!
    Happy Friday

  3. Happy Friday and Happy Mother's Day! Your son is so cute!

  4. Princess Kate looks stunning! And if I had a birth team like she does, I'd look stunning too! ;) I think she looks fab and I don't care if I don't'! The only thing I care about is that they stole my baby name! Haha! Griffin's 1-year old pics are too cute! Can't wait to see more!

  5. Lovely! Have a nice friday sweetie!

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  6. I definitely look up to Kate. I think she's perfect!

  7. I actually blew dried and curled my hair one day after my daughter was born (which to me is crazy and I won't be doing that again haha) but it certainly is possible! Love your one year photos!

  8. I'm cracking up at your pointing out that no matter how we look leaving the hospital, we're all still rocking the mesh panties- HAH! I like radio personalities in the morning, it's how I stay up to speed with celeb gossip : )