Monday, May 4, 2015

12 Months of Griffin

I think that I have hung on to every ounce of you in hopes that the 12 month milestone will wait a bit longer.  But as is planned, you are now a toddler, but never forget that you will always be Mama's baby.

This month has been amazing!  Seeing you learn new things everyday is such a blessing.  We have a lot of favorite times together, but my favorite is night time.  You get so sweet and your giggle box always gets turn on full blast.  You love for me to sing to you and your favorite is, "This Little Light of Mine."  You seem to take every second of that song in and you always get the best smile on your face. 
You started whole milk this month and we said goodbye to formula.  The change was easier than expected and you love it!
We celebrated your first Easter and you enjoyed being able to hunt eggs with your cousin.
You still go coo-coo over a ball and  I actually bought you one that is twice your size.  I thought you would have a hard time getting your arms around it, but you have proven me wrong and walk around with it all the time saying "Bah, Bah, Bah"

You are still an amazing sleeper.  You usually go down at 7pm and you sleep until 6:30 or 7:00am.  Your Mama and Dada thank you.  As I lay you down at night you go straight to your belly and tuck your arm underneath you.  You always reach one hand around you, because you know I am getting ready to lay the blanket over you.  You love to get the blanket in your hand, then snuggle it to your nose.  I love how you do a lot of things in a routine.  So much like your Mama in that aspect.

Your new word is Uh-oh, and we hear it a lot!  You sometimes make a game out of dropping something and you automatically follow it with a big UHH-OHH.
You love to clap.  You do it most during eating times and when the theme song for Mickey Mouse comes on.  You also do some sweet claps anytime you hear someone say "Yay!"
You are in a fun stage of wanting to feed yourself.  It gets messy, but I love seeing you explore your food.  You also use both hands to feed yourself.
You are a great walker, (hence all the blurry pictures) but I feel like I should say you are a great runner.  Most of the time when you are going, you go!  It is so much fun seeing you run and you bring your arms way back behind you.  I'm sure you feel like your are flying.
You are a very curious little boy.  You will walk all around the house looking for your Dada.  Doing this has turned into a game for the two of you.  You have a new love for playing hide and go seek.  Dada is the hider and you are the seeker.  You get the best giggles when Dada says, "Boo" and you run off cackling.
Your "stranger danger" phase seems to be lightening up a bit.  You give people smiles like you use to do when you were younger, but you are still cautious of what is around you.
Words can no describe the love that I have for you.  I hope you are always strong, brave, and courageous.  I hope you always put God first and you do everything in love.
  You have made my year sweet boy.  Happy 12 months!


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  1. Happy 12 months Griffin! Love the pics of him walking, he looks like such a big boy! Can't wait to see party pics!