Thursday, May 28, 2015

House Progress

It seems like everything is happening all at once.  Last Monday rolled around and it feels like some of our sub-contractors have stepped up their game and plan to get some work done.  We are so very eager to get in our home and have room for Griffin to move around in.
The posts have been wrapped and the stairs are completed.  I know once we get some stain and paint on them it will really be transformed. 
The laundry room cabinets have fully been installed, we just need the doors and handles attached.
The biggest transformation this week has been the kitchen.  Our island and the pantry (not pictured) have finally been installed.  We love the look of the legs at the end and the beady board may just be my favorite.
Our granite guy surprised us by being able to come install 4 days sooner than expected.  We changed the kitchen granite last minute and it was a great choice.  This same granite will be in our laundry room as well.


Cook top stove will go here

All of the granite was installed in the bathrooms as well.  This is our master bath vanity.
The picture below is the spare bathroom that is downstairs.  I love this bathroom with the grey walls and the grey weathered wood tile.  Then I saw this granite installed.  Not what I was expecting at all.  The granite guy said that he remembered my husband being all for it and I didn't want it since we had more of a grey tone than a brown/orange tone.  Evidently, I said "whatever" to my husband's choice and this is what "we" decided on.  Not loving it.  Thankfully, our granite guy is going to fix our mistake and redo this bathroom.  We are hoping to get the same granite as our kitchen since the cabinets are the same color.  If not, it will be an easy fix.  Thankfully.
We are still trucking along.  Painting is still being done and electrical is being done on the outside.  We also have a lot of the trim work and wood ceilings finishing up on the outside. 
Our closet organizing will be installed this week and hopefully the flooring will get its last coat next week.  Fingers crossed everything stays on track and there are no more hiccups along the way.

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