Thursday, May 14, 2015

Flying High: One Year Pictures

Two weeks before on main little guy turned one, we decided to have his One Year pictures made. 
(You can see Griffin's 6 months photos here.)
We still wanted to have a little aviation in our photos, so our photographer, Rachael, hooked us up at the airport.  She had a friend who had her airplane in a hanger and let us have free range of her aircraft.  Thanks again to Rachael Hughes for helping out with Griffin's 1 year pictures.  We couldn't love them more.

H&M: Overalls

Be Little You and Me//Teepee

Fuzzy Cheeks Boutique//Aviator Hat

Airplane//similar here

My Orange Dream// Smash Cake Outfit


  1. ahhh these are FANTASTIC! What sweet photos to capture such a wonderful time in life! Love them!

  2. These are such wonderful pictures, he looks so happy and cute! :)