Thursday, May 7, 2015

Oh Baby! 1st Haircut is in the Books

You may have noticed but now, but the little dude got his first haircut a few weeks ago.  I honestly wanted to wait until around 14-16 months to get his first trim.  But, as those golden locks were getting longer, Griffin looked shaggy.
I was tired of his hair getting in his eyes, and tucking it behind his ears would only last .10 seconds.

 I had my bags all packed with some new fun snacks, his ball, and wubbanub.  He did really well until we were making him sit still.  If you know my child, then you know he is on the run All.The.Time.  (Mama is tired)  After he tried to move once, with us holding him down...

we got this, a very unhappy baby.  Caroline, even gave sweet boy a sucker (his first) and he still was not having it.

After all the touching and holding down was finished, he was perfectly happy.  
I am thrilled that I didn't wait to do his first haircut.  His little short hair suits him, and dare I say it is time to get it cut again? 

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  1. hah oh bless his little heart!! Lawter would act the same way I'm sure. I clipped her baby mullet several months ago, before she was so determined to be EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING all the time!! haha