Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Edwards Nest:An Update

So, it has been a hot minute since I shared a little update on what is happening at the Edwards Nest.
Hopefully, we are now ion the home stretch and hopefully (fingers crossed) will be in sometime in May.  Hopefully.  It may be May 31st but that still counts, right?

All of the wood on the ceiling got a good coat of paint on them.  I love how you can still see in between the boards.  All of the beams in the kitchen and great room got a nice coat of stain on them too.
Luke went out and bought 30+ trees for our yard.  We added several more to the road to help block traffic and the rest will be added to the landscaping.

Here is a little peek into our great room.  The dining area will be to the left.  The hallway to the left leads to a full bath and my son's nursery.  The front door is at the end of the hallway.  The door in the middle is to our master bedroom.

This is our master bedroom.  All of the doors have gotten the first coat of stain, but will need to be stained one last time before move in.  The door to the left takes you back into the great room.  The double doors in the center opens up to Luke's master closet.  There is a little walkway in the center that houses our linen closet and opens up to our master bath and my master closet.

We picked out a stain and this was more difficult that I expected.  We ended up having to mix two different colors before we were able to get the color that we wanted. 
The final product turned out amazing.

We poured some concrete on our front porch and on the porticos.  We will be adding flag stone to the front porch.

The wood ceiling for the back porch was installed and the beams are all put in place. Just not in this picture.  The outdoor fan has also been installed as well as the lighting over the French doors.

All of our fans have been put in place and most of our lighting fixtures are up.  There are only 2 left that have to be put up.

The kitchen and laundry room cabinets have been installed.  They are not 100% completed yet, but I am so ready to see the final product.  Knobs and all.

Post for the stairs
This is a small peek into my master closet.  You can see a small look into the master bath too.

And just for fun, here are some new furniture pieces.  We in no way "need" new furniture.  We are super blessed to have a warehouse full already just waiting to move in.  We wanted new living room furniture so we decided one long couch, and a small leather love seat.  The lien chair will find a home in there as well.
Hopefully my next update will be written from inside the Edwards nest with a CO in hand!


  1. Your house looks like it will be amazing!!! It's just amazing so far and it's not really done yet.

    liz → {sundays with sophie}