Friday, July 31, 2015

Five on Friday: Life Lately

Another week has come and gone.  This one has flown by and I am ready for a relaxing weekend!  Let's hop right into the Five on Friday!
Most of you know that we have finally moved into our home!! Finally!  We have been there almost three weeks and I feel like we are kind of getting our groove back.  Here is a sneak peek at our living room.  This was taken the first few days we were there and it has drastically changed since then.  The "TV" table was our old kitchen table and it will be moved to the back porch as soon as we find an entertainment center we like.  We are in the middle of mixing some Sheetrock and paint issues so everything is covered with tarps and plastic until this weekend.  After that "small" project is completed and I am able to get all the Sheetrock dust cleaned up, I will start doing room tours as I finish certain rooms.
Speaking of getting rooms finished.  I am in love with this twin room.  We have twin beds almost exact to these in one of our guest rooms, and I would love to give it this look.  I took a screenshot of this photo below and as soon as I can remember where I got it from, I will link it below.  Her site is amazing and beautifully done.
This little bug as been in heaven in the new house.  He is so happy to have so much room to run around and loves exploring.  He has already mastered the stairs (we are still behind him) because he knows that his playroom is up there.  I think all this running around has him crash hard at night.  He has been an awesome sleeper because of it.
Not only is he loving the new room he has to run around with but he is loving having an actual bath!  Poor kid didn't know how to act since he was never really exposed to anything but a sink bath for an entire year.  He loves being able to play with all of this toys and pitches a horrible fit once it is time to get out.  Water baby!
Next week is going to be a fun week.  My brother is coming into town for two days to pick up some furniture from our old home.  I with the entire Hale family could come, but one is better than none.  Next weekend I will also be hitting up a huge consignment sale to stock up on fall and winter clothes for Griffin.  I'm sure I will be getting things for Baby #2 there too!  In case you missed it, here is my 16 week bump date.  Happy Friday!
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