Monday, August 17, 2015

Life Lately

So after yet, another break, I am back.  I hope.

Here is our life lately.

Griffin has been breaking in the new house.  He is loves having all the room to run around and loves having his very own playroom.  This is his favorite spot when we are in his playroom.

My brother came home from Philly for a short visit, and by short I mean 36 hours.  He flew home to pick up some furniture from my parents' old home and took a U-haul back to Philly.  In addition to the furniture he took my Mom with him.  I know she is having a blast with her other 2 grandchildren.

We have been taking advantage of having Skype.  Griffin loves being able to see his Ma'ama.

This past weekend I went to Hawaii.  Well, not really but I attended a wonderful birthday party with authentic dancers and fire throwers.  It was amazing!
 Also, lately Griffin turned 3.
It amazing me how Big my sweet little 15 month old looks.  I am over the moon excited about making him a big brother and I look forward to the time he sees his new sibling for the first time.

I plan on showing some more pictures of the house this week. The kitchen is basically "finished" even though I am sure I will always be adding and taking away certain décor.  Be on the look out for that this week!  Happy Monday!

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