Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Oh Baby: Week 20 with Baby Edwards 2

How far along? 20 Weeks!  Less than half way to go

Baby's Size: A banana 
Gender: We know, but we are still going to keep it to ourselves a little longer. 
Weight Gain: At my last appointment I was still down 1 pound from pre-pregnancy.  My next appointment is next week, so I am sure the scale has gone up a bit. 
Baby's Movement: Yes!  I am so happy to finally be feeling these little flutters.  I'd say I feel the baby move 10 times a day if not a little more.  I have to be really still and concentrate so I know I am not missing them.  I always feel the kicks down low right under my belly button. 
Maternity Clothes: Yes, Yes, Yes!  Why are not all pants made with elastic bands? 

Sleep: Not well at night.  I toss and turn all night long and the restless legs have started up.  Not fun. 

Belly Button In/Out: Still in.  It never popped out with Griffin so I would expect the same thing to happen this go around. 

Stretch Marks: None.  I only got one (on my hip) with Griffin but I didn't find it until after I delivered him.   

Symptoms: Back pain, headaches, restless legs, and tiredness. 

Cravings: This week I craved the salad dressing from Chipotle.  If you haven’t tried it you must, soon. 
Miss Anything? Can’t say that I am. 
Best Moment This Week: Nailing down nursery ideas for sweet baby.  We don’t have an extra bedroom downstairs and we aren’t a fan of sending Griffin upstairs yet, so the new baby will have its own room in my walk in closet.  Thankfully, it is spacious enough for our sweet new arrival.

Worst Moment This Week: Nothing I can think of.

Looking Forward To: Next week’s appointment.  We will have our anatomy scan then and I always look forward to seeing the sweet little bean. 

How's Husband? Still doing well.  He is a great help in the mornings to help me get Griffin ready for school so I don’t have to wake up earlier than I already am.  He has also taken over bath time since my belly seems to be getting in the way more and more.

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