Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Toddler News: 16 Months

When people say how fast their first year flies by they aren't kidding.  But what they don't tell you is how fast the 4 months after the first year goes.  It is crazy how life has been flying by and I now have a 16 month old.
Griffin has become such a sweet little man.  He has taken the new house by the horns and loves exploring every inch of it.  He takes full advantage of the stairs and so do I for cute pictures.

He and his Dada have really became to peas in a pod.  I have watched their bond grow and my little Mama's boy has turned into a full fledged Dada's boy.  I love it.

 Nightly rides in the golf cart are a must whenever Dada is around.  Trip around the pond are one of his favorites.
 You are loving learning new animals and the noise that it makes.  Your favorite is of course Dog.  We are working on cat, cow, bird, goat, and pig and of course the sound they make. 
We are also working on body parts.  He has nose, head, and mouth down pat.  Eyes and teeth are a work in progress. 
I have noticed this month that his language has really picked up.  He still can mimic just about any word we say but has a few that he says on his own.
Dog, Mama, Dada, Moose, Bye, Please, Papa, Pappy, Mammie, Ma'amaw, No, Socks, Pancake, Shoes, Paci
"No" has become one of his favorite to say and he has learned to say it with a little sass.  We are working on that, because that could get him in trouble.

Bath times is still one of his favorites.  He has learned to put his face under water and while holding his breath.  It scares me to death, but he thinks it is the funniest thing.

When we talk about the new baby in Mama's belly, he always hits his own belly and says baby.  It's cute now, but I hope he doesn't go to an individual in public and hit their belly and say "baby."

You are a great help with getting dressed in the mornings and can "put your arms up" when I take your shirt off.  You also do a great job helping me put your socks and shoes on.  I think it tires you out because a lot of the times you end up like this.
You are loving your new class at school and you are loving being able to go outside.  Hopefully, the slide will become one of your favorites.
We love you so much Griffin Mark and can't wait to watch you become a big brother to your new sibling.

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