Friday, September 11, 2015

Life Lately

Happy Friday friends.  Having a four day work week this week has been wonderful, but I must admit, it has made me get my days mixed up for sure.

It blows my mind how attached Griffin is to his Dada.  Not only is he attached, but he watches every move he makes.  Luke works from home and always has his laptop with him.  Griffin takes note and works on his tablet while Dada works. 

College football has started and we couldn't be more excited.  We "enjoy" watching football to an extent, but its the activities that surround the games that we enjoy.  This was our first year going to Clemson's First Friday Parade.  Griffin was running around everywhere but as soon as it started, he was glued to what was going on.  He is a nosey people watcher like his Mama.

This dude got his third haircut this week too.  I loved his long hair but it was getting matted in the back from his car seat.  I am so happy we decided to cut it because he just looks too cool!

The littlest babe is doing well too.  At our anatomy scan last week the baby was measuring 3 days ahead.  So happy that we got a good report.

I have finally picked out Griffin's costume this year.  I wanted him to be a scarecrow again so bad, but I honestly didn't think I could top last years.
I have ordered his costume for this year and I am so excited to get it jazzed up a bit.

Happy Friday!


  1. Isn't it so fun to see baby grow?! And your little guy is all kinds of cute! Happy weekending :)

  2. How cute is he in his team gear and glasses?! Precious!

  3. Awh! Look at the little scarecrow! My boyfriend's a football coach, so I am a sucker for little ones in team gear- Love it!

  4. Hi Sydney! We have a couple of things in common! We both have men with beards, and a toddler with blond hair (mines 14months next week! I really enjoyed your post especially the pictures of the scarecrow costume! Too cute!!

  5. The scarecrow is too cute! Definitely going to be hard to top :) ~ Meredith ~