Friday, August 21, 2015

Oh Baby! 19 Weeks and Counting

This past Tuesday I turned 19 weeks.  Since I will be delivering at 39 weeks or before, it is crazy to think that we are a little over half way through this pregnancy. 

How far along? 19 weeks +3

Baby's Size: A tomato
Gender: We know, but we are still going to keep it to ourselves a little more longer.
Weight Gain: At my appointment last week I was still under pre-pregnancy weight by 1 pound.  Even though I feel and look like I've gained at least a good 10 lbs.
Baby's Movement: Yes!  I am so happy to finally be feeling these little flutters.  I'd say I feel the baby move 10 times a day if not a little more.  I have to be really still and concentrate so I know I am not missing them.  I always feel the kicks down low right under my belly button.
Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants are heaven.  Heaven I tell you.  They are so comfortable and help with the expanding of the belly as the day goes on.  Regular shirts are still being worn, but I know it is coming to an end soon.
Sleep: Pretty good.  The tossing and turning is what keeps me from getting a great nights rest.
Belly Button In/Out: Still in.  It never popped out with Griffin so I would expect the same thing to happen this go around.
Stretch Marks: None.  I only got one (on my hip) with Griffin but I didn't find it until after I delivered him. 
Symptoms: Back pain has been sticking around more this week, other than that I feel great!
Cravings: None that I can think of.  Food wise I don't ever just have to have something because I am craving it.  I eat a pretty hardy breakfast but I tend to snack the rest of the day.  The amount I can eat is very little and if I do overeat, then I pay for it the rest of the day and feel horrible.
Miss Anything? My energy.
Best Moment This Week: This past week I was patting my belly and saying "baby" to Griffin.  I know he has no clue what is going on but I would like for him to at least know there is a baby in Mama's belly.  He automatically hit his own belly and started saying "baby"!  I was a great highlight this week.
Worst Moment This Week: None I can think of.
Looking Forward To: Picking out a name.  We know we want some type of family name, but nothing is telling us "Yes, that's it!"  We knew within seconds of finding out we were having a boy, that his name should be Griffin.  Who knows, baby #2 might be nameless until the birth.
How's Husband? Doing well.  I think he is starting to realize that soon we will have two children under the age of two.  We better get as much rest now as we can.
In case you missed yesterday's post, I gave a little peek into our new kitchen.  You can click here to see all the pictures.

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  1. You would be surprised how much Griffin probably understands. My boys are 18 months apart and I had no idea how much Ryan actually understood until Lucas was born. They know! Having 2 so close together definitely has its challenges but it is also a lot of fun! I wish you the best of luck and I am so happy for you, Luke, and Griffin!