Thursday, July 23, 2015

Baby Edwards: Week 15

I can not believe we are already in week 15.  The weeks are flying by and we are so thrilled with this new addition.
Here is what has been going on for week 15.

How far along? 15 +2 Weeks

Baby's Size: An apple
Gender: Coming Soon! 
Weight Gain: Not sure yet.  My last appointment I was down 3 pounds, but I don't know if those have found its way back yet.  Even with those 3 pounds lost, I feel like the bump is large and in charge!
Baby's Movement: I can finally say YES!  They are few and far between but they are there.  It is one of my favorite parts about being pregnant.
Maternity Clothes: Same as last week.  The maternity pants are in full force, but my regular shirts are still working for now.
Sleep: Wonderful! Husband and I purchased a King mattress and it has been wonderful!  It is really life changing.
Symptoms: Still some heartburn and exhaustion.  I'm waiting  on the exhaustion to subside, but not sure if that will happen while I am chasing Griffin around 24/7.
Cravings: I don't really have cravings, but I had a skittles craving last week!!  I haven't had skittles in years, but the fruitiness of it sounded so good to me.  Don't worry, the craving was fixed, and I enjoyed a whole bag to myself.
Miss Anything? Energy!! Enough said.
Best Moment This Week: Finding out the gender!! We found out Tuesday and we are so excited to share the news of the sex of our new addition.  Not sure when we will share, but it will be soon.
Worst Moment This Week: Nothing I can think of.

Looking Forward To: Picking out a name.  It was very easy to name Griffin, but Luke and I are having a little more trouble naming Edwards#2.

How's Husband? Still amazing.  I have been dead tired in the afternoons, and he has been pulling night duty for me so I can rest (catch up on some TV shows).

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  1. hi!! we are bump mates! so many things are the same... i am down 3 pounds and a king size mattress was SO life-changing! excited to experience this journey with you/follow along! can't wait for the gender and i miss energy- so much.