Thursday, July 2, 2015

Toddler News:13 and 14

Now that we are quickly approaching your 15th month, I thought that it would be about time to do an update on your first two toddler months.
I am shocked I have a toddler roaming around my house.  And when I say roaming, I mean running, never stopping to take a breath.
Griffin you are the best parts of your me and your Dada.  You seem to have his outgoing personality and you are a total morning person like me.  We both have a witching "hour" which starts around 7:00.

You love to give kisses, but they have to be open mouth and your tongue is sure to make itself known in the process.  You talk non-stop and it is so fun learning your new language.
You can say: dog, duck, bye-bye, night night, pap pap(paci), nana (banana) and Papa.  You also know the sound a dog makes.  You make the cutest little grunting noise every time you see a dog.

You are in heaven when you are outside and you are still coo-coo over anytime of balls.  You have learned to throw and kick them.


You love to stack anything and everything.  You enjoy playing with your mega-Lego's and attach them to your favorite little horsey.  

You are still into everything.  You love to get in cabinets and rearrange whatever you can get your hands on.  You love to have soft things on your face.  You will take the blankets and pillows off the couch and say "awe" when you put your face down on it.  This is probably the only "down" time you have in a day.

You still have the same 7 teeth that you had 3 months ago, but I think more are coming in.  Your fingers stay in the back of your mouth a good bit so it makes me think that your one year molars are coming in.  I have learned my lesson I will no longer be sticking my fingers in your mouth to count teeth.
We learned when you were 13 months old that you were going to be a big brother.  It was the most exciting news to happen to us since your arrival a year ago.  One of my first thoughts was how thankful I was to be able to give you a sibling.  It was a "worry" for me and I am so glad God answers prayers in his own timing.
We love you more than we can say.

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