Monday, July 2, 2012

Hit or Miss Monday

Yes, I am a part of the Pinterest Bandwagon. We all spend a lot of time on Pinterest.  After I get on Pinterest, all I want to do is cook, redecorate, organize, and try DIY stuff.  This is a very addicting site.   How many of you have Pinned all sorts or receipes and wondered how good they would really be?  I look at the photos they have online and think how delicious things look.  I have tried several things from Pinterest and some were a hit and others were a total complete miss.

So, for Monday's Hit I decided to go with No Peek Chicken.   

Uncle Ben's Long Grain Wild Rice (uncooked)
Cream of Mushroom
Cream of Celery ( I switched this out for Cream of Chicken)
Chicken Breasts (uncooked)
Tin Foil

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Mix all ingredients together in a greased pan
Cover with foil and back for 2 1/2 hours

This is a super super easy dish to make.  When preparing this dish, I was worried that the chicken would dry out too much while it was cooking. However, the chicken came out moist and tender and the rice was prefectly cooked.  The Hubs loves this dish!

Now, for Monday's Miss went for Cream Cheese Crockpot Chicken

 What sucked me into this recipe was that it said that it was the Easiest Dinner Ever!!  It also helped that it was a crockpot meal.  I love a good crockpot dinner.


Bag of frozen Chicken Breast Tenderloins (2.5-3lb bag)
8 oz block of cream cheese (don't use Fat Free! 1/3 less fat or regular is fine)
Can of Black Beans, drained & rinsed. (or Pinto Beans if you prefer)
Can of Corn, drained.
Can of Rotel

Put frozen chicken in the crock pot
Put Cream cheese on top of the chicken
Dump in the Black Beans (make sure they are drained & rinsed!!!)
Dump in the drained corn
Dump in the Rotel
Cover & cook in your Crock Pot on low for 6-8 hours
Every 2 hours, I stir the ingredients
You can shred the chicken when it is done, or just leave it as tenderloins

Why was it a miss you ask?  I think it was the Rotel that got to me.  I am a very visual person and seeing how the Rotel made the meal looked was hard for me to stomach.  The flavor was not what I was expecting.  It was a little too salty from the Rotel and the Black beans (after it was drained and rinsed).  I even tried this dish while serving it over rice, thinking that the rice would help soak up some of the soupyness from the dish.  Let me tell you, I enjoyed this plain rice a whole lot more than I did the Cream Cheese Crockpot Chicken. 

 I have thought about making this dish again, however taking out the Rotel COMPLETLY and switching in some pinto beans instead of black beans.  Who knows, maybe it will be one of my Pinterest Hits soon.

What are your hit and misses on Pinterest?

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