Friday, July 13, 2012

DIY Chalkboard

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After looking on Pinterest, of course, I finally found an easy process to make my own Chalkboard.  I  wanted one for lists, menu, and recipes for my kitchen.  I'm sure I will use it for cute notes for Babe too. 

For my board, I wanted to find an old framed picture at Goodwill (preferably a water color painting...that way I could just use my chalkboard paint over it).  I was not able to find one, however I did find a picture frame at our local craft store. 

The first process was to take the backing and glass out of the frame. 

I got the Chalkboard paint at Lowe's.  I checked other stores for the chalkboard spray paint but could not find any in the color black.  All they had was green...why would they have green chalkboard paint?

I used the backing that was originally in the frame and painted one side with chalkboard paint and a foam roller brush.  The painting process was quick and dried fairly fast. 

I did several coats of the paint just because I had a little extra on hand.  I also read a review on making your own chalkboard and it said that sometimes the backing can soak up the I just did a few extra coats just to make sure.

I'm still on the lookout for the perfect oil on canvas or water color picture with a great wooden frame.  Until then..this will do.

Daily Tidbits:

- This rain has been great for my flowers and my house...getting a lot of cleaning done the past 3 days.
-Any ideas for hanging up your handbags or purses? 
-Babe and I took my mother in law and her mother out for dinner last night to celebrate both of their birthdays.  I absolutely love both of their company.
- Looking forward to doing more Pinterest is very therapeutic.
-Curious why I blog?  Stress Relief!!!

Happy Weekend

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