Saturday, July 14, 2012

Project Day

A good friend and I decided we would do a home project today.  I wanted a wreath for my front door but I didn't want to spend on arm and a leg to get one.  The picture above was my inspiration, however I wanted it full of hydrangeas.  Luckily, the craft store had the wreaths and silk flowers on sale.

The hydrangeas were on long stems, so I cut them close to the flower with wire cutters.

I arranged the flowers how I wanted and placed the stem through the wreath.

I wanted to make sure the flowers were secure, so I placed a dab of hot glue around the bottom of the stem where it touched the wreath. Then cut the excess of the stem again.

Here is the final product.  I am still working on fluffing it out just how I want it.  I'm sure I'll tweak it as I walk by.
 I absolutely love how my wreath turned out.  I think it is great for summer time and can easily go into fall.

 Here is a sneak peek of what my friend did.  She will be using this in her revamped laundry room.  Don't you love it? 

Besides having a great workout this morning, I enjoyed our project day with a great friend.


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