Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Famous Lemon Pepper Tilapia

Lemon Pepper Tilapia

As I've said before I am on a diet lifestyle change.  During this change I have loved having fish.  I've always enjoyed fish before but would never cook it at home nor order it at a restaurant.  I found the brand Sea Best at my local Ingles and occasionally they will have it one sale.  This is a bit pricey at $4.50 a bag, however it does come with a good amount of fish.  I usually can get 2 meals out of one bag.  Each individual fillet is also vacuum sealed which is great if you only want to cook a certain amount at a time.  Now, onto the good stuff.

This recipe is super easy and quick, but full of flavor. 

Sea Best Tilapia Fillets (other favorite fish)
Original Pam (no sodium)
Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper Seasoning (no sodium)
2-3 Lemons
Tin Foil


1.  What I like to do first is cover a baking pan with Tin Foil.  Even on my non-stick pans I do this to help with not having any mess afterwards. 
2. Evenly spray the Pam covering the whole pan then layer Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper.  Spraying the Pam first helps the Lemon Pepper Seasoning to stick better.

3. Place the fillets on the pan and add your Mrs. Dash seasoning to the top.
4.  Take your lemons and roll them on the counter with your hands...this helps get the juices flowing ( you can thank Paula Dean for the tidbit of info!)
5. Cut the lemons in half and squeeze the juices covering all fillets evenly.  
6. For presentation you can place sliced lemon on the fillets for a great garnish (my Daddy is all about presentation with food)
7. Cover the pan with tin foil and BROIL for 25-30 min, depending on thickness of your fillets.

You can use many different sides for fish.  My favorite is paring it with a baked potato.

That's It!  I love having quick meals that do not take a lot of prep time and is absolutely out of this world for your taste buds!

Daily Tidbits
- I had a Dentist appointment today.  I love going there..not sure why some people hate it.
- I'm trying Dry Shampoo for the first time today.  I wonder what it is going to look like in the morning.
- Today is a clean sheets day.  I love being able to use my fabric softener from Scentsy.  It smells amazing!!
- My fridge is full of H20, Diet Rite, and Diet Cheerwine.  Staying hydrated in this 100 degree heat.

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