Thursday, July 19, 2012

Buyers Remorse

Primers and Highlighes
Liners and Mascaras
Is there something in your life that you usually buy in excess and maybe splurge on?  For some it is jewelery and for others it is home decor.  The things that I usually spend money on are makeup and hair products.  I'm one that enjoys trying out new products to see if they are better than what I already have or if they are easier to use.  I need fool proof products.  ;-)
Lately I have been going through all of my products and really seeing how much excess I have.  I have a lot of doubles and items that are in the same shade.  A lot of the products I have, have not even been used yet. 
Primers and Concealers     

 The products that I pictured above are only about 1/4 of the items that I have stored in my home.
I'm wanting to try and challenge myself not to buy any other hair or makeup products until what I have are used up.  Here's why I'm wanting to do this challenge:
- I want to use what I have:  Instead of buying that new mascara or the newest primer I want to use what I have until it is empty.  Even if the item isn't my favorite and even if I have other products that would work better...I want to use it up until it is empty or I hit pan.
- I want to save money: I am always looking over our monthly budget to see where I can improve on things.  This is something I do spend money on...even though I have a bathroom full of products.
- This will allow me to reevaluate products: If I am able to use the products for a longer period of time, it will help me decide if I want to repurchase it or not.
-Takes up space and no more wasting: Our bathroom is very small with not a lot of storage, so the storage we do have is full to the max.  I hate wasting.  I don't want to throw these products away just because I have something that will work better.

Anyone want to join me in this challenge?  Whatever it is that you seem to accumulate over time.  I can only imagine how much money I will save over time by using up all the products that I do have stored in my house.

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