Friday, October 24, 2014


Happy Friday.  This has been a long long week and I for one am ready for the weekend.  We plan on doing some Pumpkin' Patchin' this weekend as well as some Christmas shopping.  Sounds about right, huh?
Today I'm linking up with September FARM and Carolina Charm for a fun Friday Link Up. 
        Having a child is fun!  I am loving any excuse to do family outings now that I have a little one.  This is from this past weekend at Sky Top Orchard.  We got together with some family in North Carolina and the weather was beautiful.  Griff got to go Apple Picking for the first time.
        I am loving this bathroom!  I have been looking at some inspiration for all parts of my house and I love this clean feel.  I can't decide if I want this type of look in my master bath or the main downstairs bath. 
             This is the view from Griffin's playroom.  I love the amount of light that comes into the room and it is going to be so nice to look over the pond with some fresh air coming in.
            I am a Mama in disbelief.  How is this little nugget going to be six months old tomorrow?  Six?!  I really cherish everyday with this snuggle bug because I know they go so fast.  Be on the lookout for his six month update next week!
            FALL!!!  I can finally say Fall is here in SC and I am socking it up.  Bring on the outdoor activities, scarves, boots, and all things Pumpkin!


  1. I love the sweet apple orchard picture and it's so true that all those things are so much more fun now with children to do them with!

  2. Oh my goodness! Love that picture of Griffin eating the apple. Adorable! And congrats on zooming to 6 months already! It sure does fly by. We're also finally enjoying Fall weather here in NC. I'm so grateful - I thought it would never get here. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  3. So chilly this morning in NC! I'm still not ready for it. I miss my summer!

  4. The apple picking picture is just precious! I'm loving the white bathroom! We were enjoying the fall weather in Georgia but yesterday I don't know what happened.. it was 85! Please come back cooler temps!