Tuesday, October 28, 2014

[Griffin: 6 Months}

Wow, really? 

 I can’t believe half of your first year is gone.  I’ve said it before (and I will probably say it again) but 6 months have been the best yet.  It feels like overnight you have changed from Mama’s baby to a little boy.  You have changed so much this month, it’s unbelievable. 

At 6 months old, you are able to sit up by yourself and actually play.  I still sit behind you for those just in case moments but those are slim to none.  I think this milestone is what really made it know how much you are really growing and learning.  I haven’t left you alone while sitting up just yet, but I know that is right around the corner. 

You are finally rolling over from belly to back consistently now.  We practiced for over a month but I feel like you started rolling when you were good and ready.  I’m okay with that.

You started going to physical therapy to help with your neck from being so tight.  While you would look to the right, you favored looking to your left.  After one visit, I could tell a difference in how lose your neck was.  Mama and Dada had to train themselves to hold you on the other hip and to feed you with the other hand to help your muscles stretch. 
I finally started you on solids.  It was up in the air if you should start solids at 5 months or 6 months, so we started you at 5 ½ months.  I started making your own baby food and I am loving doing it.  So far you have eaten carrots, green beans, peas, and sweet potatoes.  So far you have eaten all of them like a champ.  We will be starting fruits soon!

The first time I gave you green beans was at a restaurant.  You ate the entire thing and on your last spoonful, you choked.  Not gagging, no horrible face.  You were choking.  It was a scary situation and I am so thankful you were able to get it up on your own because your Mama just froze.  The only thing I can think of is that a small string from the green beans got stuck in your throat.  After I knew you were alright it hit me what happened.  Your Mama might have cried in a crowded restaurant.  Needless to say I was very cautious the next few days to make sure you didn’t choke again on the green beans.

When you are done eating I always say “all done” in sign language.  I am hoping to incorporate a few signs gradually and maybe you will catch on to some one day.  You are communicating A LOT and you demand our attention if it isn’t on you, so I am hoping the signing will come in handy when we are out in public.  We shall see.
A fun thing you started doing this month is imitating and mimicking people.  If you see your Dada blowing raspberries, you can’t help but join in.  It is so fun to watch.
You also started being very curious about EVERYTHING!  You still love to study people and you tend just to stare at them until you’ve taking all of them in.  Then you give the biggest gummy smile there is.  Your adorable.
Speaking of gummy smile.  You have not cut a tooth yet but I feel like one is on the verge of making itself known.  You don’t fuss too much over your gums but you sure like to massage them with your teething toys. 
Met Radio at his first T.L. Hanna High football game

You are still sleeping like a champ.  Your Mama feels like a new woman with a full nights rest.  You go down so peacefully and you are really easy to put to bed.  We went back to swaddling you over the past few weeks since the temperature has dropped and you haven’t seemed to mind being all wrapped and cozy again.  You are a mover while you sleep though.  Your head may start at one end of the crib and you wake up with it at the other end.  I tend to find you in the very corner of your crib too.  I think you just like resting up against something while you sleep.
Elephant Jellycat
You recognize when someone calls your name and return the favor with huge smile.  At six months, your personality is shining bright.  It is just amazing how much you have grown and learned in the short time that you have been here.  Cheers to your half birthday baby.  Mama is so thankful for the joy that you bring and the love that you share.

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  1. He is so super sweet!!! Such a cute little boy! Loved this post! :)