Friday, October 10, 2014

Framing and a Change of Plans (Exterior Picture Overload)

I am so happy that framing as started on the house.  We estimated the framing process to take three weeks, but after five it was finished.
We planned for 12 foot tall ceilings throughout the house.  The wood measure 12.5 foot so instead of cutting every board .5 foot we decided to keep them.  It made for tall ceilings, but we are absolutely happy with the result.
The second story is going up. It has been so fun to see the full layout and where the beds/baths are going to be. There are two bedrooms and a full bath upstairs. (Read on to see how we changed the upstairs during the framing process) 
Now, the back of the house is where we made some changes.  The initial plan was to make our living room area open and have a cathedral ceiling.  Once the bottom floor was framed, we decided to forgo the cathedral ceiling, because who wants to change a light bulb that was 30+ feet off the floor?  We decided to make two more bedrooms and add another bath upstairs.  The extra bedrooms will be converted to my husbands office, since he works from home, and a playroom for Griffin that over looks the pond.
This is where most of our time will be spent.  The back porch.  You get to the porch from the kitchen or through french doors in the living room.  It over looks the pond and has a fireplace.  I'm so excited to spend some cool nights here. 

 View from the front of the house.  Can you see a farmhouse in the making?  We have a his and hers portico.  The portico shown on the right will take you to the mudroom and into the kitchen. 

Like I've said before, I document everything with pictures.  So why not have our first family photo with the house?

Even though the framing took two more weeks than we had planned, (since we added more square footage upstairs) I am thrilled at the outcome.  I'm glad we decided to make more rooms upstairs and I love the overall floor plan.
Next up, I'm showing you the inside.  Stay tuned friends.

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  1. Wow, that's quite the house! How many square feet is it?! When did you start building?