Thursday, October 16, 2014

Building Update: The Inside


Progress has been made friends.  I am excited to show the inside of our home and how the rooms will flow.

The is the view from the front door.  I love that the fireplace is such a focal point in our living area.

Directly to your right is the dinning area that is opened to the great room and the kitchen is straight ahead.

View from the kitchen, into the great room, and the master bath is beyond the great room.

Main bathroom downstairs for guest.
The laundry is located off of the kitchen and will be accessed from the portico area outside.  The washer and dryer will be stationed at the right with a broom closet at the end.  There will also be a laundry sink under the window.

This is the view from the laundry sink.  The cut out was going to be our pantry with custom shelving but out cabinet guy talked us into making a cute bench with hooks for kids book bags, coats, and shoes.  While making the early plans for our home, I wanted a bench but didn't think we had the room for it.  Since we have more than enough room in our kitchen for a pantry, we decided to move it there which gave me my custom bench.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
Back to the kitchen.  The fridge, double oven, and microwave will be on the right with the addition of a coffee bar.  Under the window shown will be our cook top stove and to the left is another window with our farm sink.  In the middle will be an island where we will have most of our meals.

Master Bedroom.  Large window to the right will overlook the pond while the center windows will give us a view of the field.  I have no idea of how I want the furniture to layout but that is something I can figure out a bit later.
While in the master bedroom, Luke's closet is to the right and there is a small hallway in the middle that enters the master bath and my closet. (Pictures to come soon)
When you come up the stairs, the first thing you will see is the main bathroom.  I'm sure once Griffin moves upstairs that this will become his bathroom.
There is a smaller full bath upstairs as well that will be used for guest to have their own while they stay.

Griffin's playroom.  It over looks the pond as well and I am so excited to do some fun decorating in here for my little guy.
There are 3 more bedrooms (since we decided not to make the great room a loft) that are all similar.  One will be made Luke's office while the other two will be for guest.

All of the closets upstairs are pretty similar to this size wise.  For the time being we will use it for storage until we need to make them more closet like.

Can you tell I'm a smidge excited?  I am so looking forward to the drywall going up and really thinking about how I want each room decorated. 

I'm in the process of making inspirational boards for the rooms and share as well.  Hope you all have a wonderful Friday Eve!






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