Friday, June 10, 2016

Oh there you are, Friday.

Thankful that Friday is finally here!  It has been a busy week, like normal and weekends are always for rest and fun with family.   Lets hope right into some of my favorites for the week.
The chick-fil-a mobile app is a game changer.  I have used this several times for the past two week for Luke and Griffin and it just makes like easy!  Every Friday, we get Griffin dinner from here and I order on the app and let them know when I arrive in the parking lot.  My card number is saved on the app, so there is no going through the line to pay either.  You walk in and they are handing your bag that second.  It is amazing!  Way faster than the already fast drive thru, too.  My only recommendation would be that they have a parking spot designated for the mobile app users and they could bring your food out to the card.  This would help for the parents with young children in the car and make for a smooth process.  If you haven't downloaded this app and your a chick-fil-a lover, this is a must!

I firmly believe in children rear facing as long as possible.  My goal for Griffin was to make it to 3 years old if not to 4.  In all reality, adults would be safer if they were rear facing as well.  Sadly, Griffin was messing with his safety buckle trying to unfasten it.  It made me worried since I wasn't able to see him fully in the mirror, so we opted for his safety, so turn his car seat around.  Even though I hated to do it, Griffin loves it.  He talks non-stop in the car about everything that he is seeing and he loves that he can see Coleman better too.   
Coleman is on the move!  Well, he is trying really hard to be on the move.  This little booger is getting up on his knees and is constantly rolling around.  I can turn my head for one second and he has inched his way a good two to three feet from where I left him.  I have a feeling we may have an early crawler...which I need to mentally prepare for.
Griffin started 2K this week!  He is at the same development center that he has been in since he was 3 months old.  So far this week he has told me that he made new friends and played a lot with cars.  What more could a boy ask for, huh?  This week he has been asking to sit on the potty more.  He hasn't used it at all this week, but I think asking to sit on it is a start.  Potty training starts at home in July/August and training starts at school in September. 

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  1. So cute :) That is an amazing APPP.. I am going to have to get this Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

  2. I've never had chick a fil, can you believe that?! But a mobile app is pure genius! Coleman and Griffin are so cute!