Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Red, White and Blue: Our Weekend

It's Monday friends!  Have we recuperated from our three day weekend?  Me, I could always use an extra day at home with my boys.  Our Memorial Day weekend was perfect.  Low key and we hardly left the house.  Perfection.
Griffin is still obsessed with Mouse (Mickey Mouse).  He always asks for a mouse shirt...which are usually all dirty at the same time, so we had to make do with a mouse spoon and plate instead.  I think he was happy with it.  He loves the different sections of the plate and it is perfect for a little "dip dip".

Over the weekend he was also introduced to Toy Story.  Last week his Ma'amaw had him watch Finding Nemo and after seeing it about 10 times, I was ready for something else.  "Toys" will probably stick around a little longer.

Both boys spent some time in the playroom too.  We aren't in here a lot because it is just easier to have both kids downstairs while we are getting things done around the house or cooking.  It was nice to take a break from everything and enjoy this room.  Playroom tour will come soon.

We brought out the pool one last time.  It was on its last leg so we wanted one more swim.  This picture reminded me on the song "Dirt" by Florida Georgia Line.  "You don't have to see the world to be worldly.  Just raise good children, bake enough pies, and the world will come right to your kitchen window."  Tear jerker, right?

The water was a little too chilly for Coleman, so we promoted him to Head Lifeguard.  He seemed a little too relaxed to me.

With two kiddos, a "perfect" picture is hard to come by.  However, I do love that Griffin's eyes are on Coleman.  He is such an awesome big brother to his Bubbie.

Still, can't keep his eyes or hands off.

Monday night was full of family and food.  Both were awesome!  Griffin had some great play time with cousin E.C.  I can just imagine how the three boys are going to be in a few more years.  It's going to be fun!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Suddenly I'm 30: Life Lately

Life at the Edwards Nest has been busy to say the least.  It has been 6 months since I have graced this blog and its something I have missed.  I have taken several breaks throughout the years and every time, I miss it.
Today, I turn 30...officially, and I thought it was a prefect day to get back on the wagon. So, here is a little life lately update.

The last I left you, our family was getting ready to expand.  I was also holding out and never released the gender.  Our sweet baby Edwards #2 is a Boy!!  He is just a perfect addition to our family and its like he has been with us forever.
Coleman Jackson Edwards came into the world on the morning of January 5, 2016. 

 Griffin has been a great big brother.  I couldn't of asked for a better transition for him.  He takes his role of big brother very seriously and loves sweet Coleman.

 This was taken about 10 days after I had Coleman.  Coleman was delivered by C-section and I was told I would not be able to lift anything over 5 pounds for 2-4 weeks.  Griffin weighs 25lbs.  Griffin did fine with me not being about to hold him, but Mama, not so much.  At 10 days post-op I begged my OB to allow me to carry by boy.  I got the okay to pick up, carry, snuggle, and love on my oldest son and that's just what I did.  This was good for my heart.

Coleman is now 4 months old and such a joy.  He is a very content baby and fits in with out family like a dream.  Will be updating you on his month by month soon.

 On the home front, things are still progressing.  We moved in this past June and we are steadily doing stuff.  I am one to make it feel like home and want things decorated and done.  Some rooms in the house are complete and others are not.  We were able to get grass planted for the yard and had some bushes planted around the house.  Still a work in progress a year later and I am sure this time next year I will be saying it again. 

 Griffin has grown so much over the past 6 months and even more so within the past 4 months.  Since bringing Coleman home from the hospital he has seemed to really be blossoming.  His language is out of this world and some of the things he says blows my mind and has me taken back.  He is learning so much in school and is getting ready to move to 2K!  He turned 2 in April.

That's a quick update.  More to come soon.  I am so thrilled to be back.  This is a community that I love to be apart of and I love having this forum as a type of online scrapbook for our life.  Hope you all have a blessed Friday-Eve!  I know I will...taking the day off to celebrate my birthday with the ones that I love.