Wednesday, October 28, 2015

18 Months and Counting

Since you turned 12 months old, the months just seem to be flying by.  You are growing everyday and changing so, so much.

You love exploring!  You are always trying to find a new place to crawl under or hide behind.  I well say, "Where's Griffin" and you will jump out and yell, "Boo!"

You have always been a Mama's boy, but that role is soon changing.  You have clung to your Dada and in your eyes, there is no better person.  Dada takes you on "Gof Car" Golf Cart rides and you demand them nightly.  You get so excited when you know you are going on a ride and you run around the whole house until your feet reach outside.

Over the past few months, books have been your favorite.  Your MeMa bought you some new books and the Doggie one is always your first pick.  You flip through the pages and yell "Dog" every time you see a new one.  You love doing the sound that a dog makes, too.

Your vocabulary grows daily and I get so surprise when you say something new that I know we haven't worked on. 
You can say Mama, Dada, Ma'ama, Mammie, Papa, SaySay (for your Aunt Sara Margaret), No, Yes, Please, More, Thank You, Night Night, Golf Cart, Cow, Dog, Bird, Duck, Cat, Pig, Head, Foot, Socks, Shoes, etc.
You also know the animal sounds of a dog, rooster, cow, sheep, goat, etc.

You became a big cousin for the first time ever!  Edwards Carlton was born last month and you seemed to be very loving to him.  You were not too rough and you liked playing with his feet.  I see a lot of play dates with this dude often!

 18 months and counting big boy.  You are learning about your new sibling coming soon and I just know that you will be the best big brother.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween 2015

I have said it before and I know I will say it 100 times more, but Holidays are just more fun when there are children involved.  I love being able to do festive things with Griffin and look forward to doing them with his sibling soon too!

Here is a recap of Griffin's Halloween costume in 2014.  This is really my favorite and I think it will always be.  Those sweet cheeks stuffed inside those overalls with the cutest "hay" cuffs around.  Miss G being this little.

This year we decided on Griffin being a fisherman.  Not just a fisherman, but a Pro-Fly Fisherman. 

I purchased the costume off of Zulily for $15 and had a co-worker jazz it up a bit.  I love how everything turned out.