Thursday, May 28, 2015

House Progress

It seems like everything is happening all at once.  Last Monday rolled around and it feels like some of our sub-contractors have stepped up their game and plan to get some work done.  We are so very eager to get in our home and have room for Griffin to move around in.
The posts have been wrapped and the stairs are completed.  I know once we get some stain and paint on them it will really be transformed. 
The laundry room cabinets have fully been installed, we just need the doors and handles attached.
The biggest transformation this week has been the kitchen.  Our island and the pantry (not pictured) have finally been installed.  We love the look of the legs at the end and the beady board may just be my favorite.
Our granite guy surprised us by being able to come install 4 days sooner than expected.  We changed the kitchen granite last minute and it was a great choice.  This same granite will be in our laundry room as well.


Cook top stove will go here

All of the granite was installed in the bathrooms as well.  This is our master bath vanity.
The picture below is the spare bathroom that is downstairs.  I love this bathroom with the grey walls and the grey weathered wood tile.  Then I saw this granite installed.  Not what I was expecting at all.  The granite guy said that he remembered my husband being all for it and I didn't want it since we had more of a grey tone than a brown/orange tone.  Evidently, I said "whatever" to my husband's choice and this is what "we" decided on.  Not loving it.  Thankfully, our granite guy is going to fix our mistake and redo this bathroom.  We are hoping to get the same granite as our kitchen since the cabinets are the same color.  If not, it will be an easy fix.  Thankfully.
We are still trucking along.  Painting is still being done and electrical is being done on the outside.  We also have a lot of the trim work and wood ceilings finishing up on the outside. 
Our closet organizing will be installed this week and hopefully the flooring will get its last coat next week.  Fingers crossed everything stays on track and there are no more hiccups along the way.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Oh Hey, Friday!

Happy Fri-YAY my sweet sweet friends.  We have had some high temps this week and all I can think about is where is Fall.  I am not a summer girl and I am not a fan of being hot.  Drama much?
Anyway, hopefully sometime this summer we can make a trip to the pool a few times and a beach trip never hurts either. 
Let's hope right into these 5 on Friday.
If you missed this post, be sure to go back and take a look.  I am featuring several different Etsy shops and they ALL are offering a discount code on your purchase.  Here is just a peek at what I have for you.  You don't want to miss this discount codes while they are here.
This week I celebrated my last year in my 20's.  I really don't have a problem growing older and there isn't much I dread about turning 30!  I had the day off work and was able to spend it with my Mom and Hubby.  I was so thankful for a relaxing day.  I have a lot of plans for my last year in my 20's.  Here is to a year or less on completing those plans.
Speaking of birthdays, I was my mom's birthday present 29 years ago today!  And since she is a twin, I am saying I was my Aunt's birthday present too!  Happy Birthday to these two fun chicks!
Aunt Alice, Jacob, Griffin, + Mama

As part of the Can't Live Without It post, this goes along perfectly.  When in college there was always a group of us who would have lunch everyday.  One certain days of the week (I'm sure this is were the Freshman 15 came into play) we would all meet up at McAlister's Deli.  From my first time, I fell in love.  Luke and I would even make a 45 min trip just to a MD near us.  Well, I recently found out that there is one in Clemson, which will be 15 min from us when we move.  OMG, I am going to be in trouble.  I may have to limit myself to once every two weeks, because it is just that good.  And if you are wondering I get a Pepper Jack Turkey Sandwich, Swiss cheese instead of pepper jack, No bacon, extra honey mustard, on regular toasted white bread instead of the roll, with Potato Salad on the side.  Really, yummy.
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!  I plan to enjoy our 4 day weekend to the fullest.  We have a birthday party to attend and we will be enjoying Memorial Day festivities with my mom's twin sister.  I hope you all enjoy as much as I will! 
See y'all Monday!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Party Details + A Ton of Discount Codes

And just like that it's Wednesday!  The best thing about this Hump Day is the awesome deals that I am about to share with y'all.  I worked with some awesome shops and people with the details of Griffin's birthday party and I am so excited to share them with you.  These shops have also offered some awesome discount codes for my readers so I hope you all are ready to purchase some fun items.
I purchased these milk cups for the children at the party to help prevent with spills.  I did see several adults walking around with them as well.  This shop is from my home town and she allowed me to pick up the cups instead of shipping them just down the street.  She was wonderful to work with and has a lot of party needs.  Head on over to 3 Sweet Memories and check out her shop.  She is offering Raising Southern Grace readers a 10% discount off the entire purchase with code "SOUTHERNGRACE".  This is valid through April 30, 2016!
Picking out the perfect invitation wasn't hard for me since I work with CKFIREBOOTS.  I worked with her for about 2 months to tweak things here and there.  I love the neutral colors and layout of this invitation.    Sarah also designed the favor tags.  We had cracker jacks for the adults and a little goodie bag for all the kids.  I love how the tags turned out and went along with his aviation theme.  Head on over to CKFIREBOOTS and check out her shop for all of your invitation and printable needs.  Sarah is offering all RSG readers 10% off the order with code "SOUTHERNGRACE5" at checkout.  This code is valid through 12/30/15.  
Cracker Jacks were purchased from Cracker Barrel

I have been stalking the Etsy page of Little Dovie and the LittleDovie Instagram page for quite some time.  Her shop is so fun to visit and she is always coming out with new items.  I had her do some custom work for me and she was awesome and returning comments and getting back with me quick.  Hana packages the goodies so cute and it was fully of fun confetti.  Little Dovie made the "1" cupcake toppers, "Griffin" smash cake topper, and monthly photo banner.  She was sweet enough to gift me the larger "Griffin" banner as a thank you for ordering.  Hana is gifting Raising Southern Grace readers an awesome discount of 20% with code "HIPHIPHOORAY".  I will 100% be reordering from her again soon! 


When it came for Griffin to have his birthday hat, I knew I wanted to stay clear  of the traditional cone shaped hat.  I found Little Blue Olive and she has some of the cutest crowns around.  She has a great selection and there is something for everyone.  Even the girl getting ready to celebrate her Dirty 30!  Little Blue Olive is giving all of the RSG readers 10% off of their purchase with code "New10".  Be sure to head on over and snag you up some awesome birthday crowns for your little miss or mister.


Thankfully, we were able to use Griffin's smash cake outfit twice.  One for his pictures and the second for his birthday party.  MyOrangeDream was great to work with and the quality of her product was awesome.  Wendi has diaper covers, birthday hats, bow ties, suspenders, dresses, bibs, and banners.  I love that I am still able to use his suspenders and bow tie with his outfits.  Wendi is generously giving all RSG readers 15% off with code "RSGRACE15."  This code is valid through 12/31/15.  Feel free to also look up her shop on Facebook.  If you set up an order on FB, then you can still apply the coupon code at checkout!

We had a little photo booth set up during his party.  There were some willing participates that got in on the fun.  I was able to download the photo booth props from ThatProps and I sent the file to my local Staples to have them printed.  They printed them on the heaviest card stock that way the props were too flimsy when you held them up.  Head on over to this Etsy store and save 10% off any purchase with code "RSG10OFF".

I wanted to share what we got for Griffin for his birthday present.  I knew I wanted a tee pee for his birthday and I just envisioned it in his aviation playroom.  I looked online at several different options and thought I was at a stand still until I found BeLittleYouandMe.  She has different styles of tee pee and different sizes.  We decided on the 6 panel instead of the 4 panel.  We want Griffin to get as much use out of this as possible.  Sarah is giving away an amazing discount code of $15 off any standard tee pee with code "RSG15".  That is a huge discount and it makes me want to find another reason to buy one more!

 How sweet was it for all these shops to come together and be so generous with these discounts.  I have several shops that I will be visiting again soon for upcoming baby showers, a Christmas part, and different future gatherings.  Thank you to all the shops!  It was a pleasure working with you all.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Griffin's Vintage Aviation 1st Birthday Party

The time has come!  I am so excited to share these pictures from Griffin's birthday party.  It was such a special day and I am so glad that we got to experience it with all of our family and friends. 
Wanted to give a little side note.  We hired a photographer for the party and it was the best choice we could have ever made.  She got every shot we wanted and more.  If you are throwing a party keep something like this in mind.
I hope you enjoy the overload of pictures.  I know I love them!

Monthly Banner//Little Dovie

Ma'amaw + Griffin

Ma'amaw, Griffin, and Aunt SaSa

Photo Booth Props//thatProps

Moccs//Hello Moccs

Aviation hat
Birthday Invitations//ckfireboots
Visiting with some Great-Grands


I loved having a book there for everyone to sign.  We had a book at the hospital for all of the visitors to sign and I am thrilled to have one for his first birthday too. 

Smash cake outfit//MyOrangeDreams

Unfortunately, I caught him off guard with his birthday crown, and he was not having it.  The second I took it off, he was good to go eat cake!

Birthday Hat//LittleBlueOlive

Griffin and Uncle Will

Griffin sign: C/O LittleDovie
I was surprised how Griffin was enjoying opening his presents.  I really thought that he would be all over the place, but he was really into seeing all of his cool gifts.

I love that between all of us in this pictures there are 9 babies.  There will be 4 added to the family before the year is done!

This kid had a great birthday party.  It was honestly all that I could of hoped for and the months of planning was more than worth it.  Thank you to all of our family and friends who joined us for such a special day and celebrating our little miracle with us.
Come back Wednesday for some real fun!  I used several different Etsy shops and they have teamed up with me to offer some awesome discount codes for their products.