Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Griffin {7 months}

Bring on the Kleenex.  You are seven months and such a bright star in my life.  It is so hard to have a bad day when you are in it. 

Your personality is continuing to shine and it is so much fun seeing you become your own little person.  You started mimicking people last month but this month you are doing it more and more.  You started "fake" coughing and you thought it was funny enough to do it all.the.time!  All the time!!  It is cute when you do it, but when you over do it you make yourself horse.

We celebrated your first Halloween and it was so fun to dress you for the occasion.  Mama decided it would be fun to make you an adorable scarecrow and I think you nail the adorable factor.

This month you were baptized into the Methodist church and it was such a special day. You had several family members come and be a part of your day and it was such a blessing to have them.  You wore your Dada's christening gown and you really worked the congregation with your smiles.  We are so proud of you.

You have finally mastered rolling from back to belly.  When I say you have mastered it I mean that you have learned to roll 2-3 times until you get to where you wanted to go.  You decided to do it for the first time when I was in another room and I was in shock when I first saw you.  Since you have learned to roll both ways,  you really prefer to be on your belly.  Who would of thought your Mama would ever say that.  You have realized that you can be more mobile on your belly and boy can you move. 

You haven't started crawling yet but I know we are going to be getting our daily exercise in when you do.  You are able to pivot yourself in a circle and it blows my mind how fast you go.  You have been showing interest in getting on your knees, but your not sure what to do when you get there.  No wonder you are sleeping so good right now. 

You have gone through the stage 1 veggies and you started stage 1 fruits.  So far you have eaten bananas, peaches, pears, plums, and apples.  You have enjoyed all of them and you hate it when they are gone.  I had to start feeding you your veggies and then give you the fruit for your dessert. 

We also introduced the sippy cup to you.  You haven't mastered it just yet but you've really enjoyed using it as teething toy.

Speaking of teething.  Your first tooth has finally poked through.  Finally!  You had a time with your tooth coming through and I really feel like you were not yourself for a week, but thankful that has pasted.

You are really strong in your midsection.  You are sitting up like a champ and really love playing with your toys that way. 

You said your first word.  It was Dada and I wasn't even mad.  You have been saying it for a week then out of the blue one morning you said it TO your Dada.  But believe me, I am still working on Mama.  You will get it I know.

This month you received your cranial band.  Mama tried her best to help with your "flat head" from day one, but we had to get your cranial band to start fixin' your flat.  As of right now, the doctor is saying that you will wear it for 6-8 weeks. 

We love you to the moon and back and we are so thankful to God that he allowed us to be your Mama and Dada. 

Here is a little progression picture over the past 7 months.

Friday, November 21, 2014

It's Finally Friday

I don't know about y'all, but I am so thankful today is Friday.  It has been a week full of sickness, doctors appointments, and a dirty house.  We have one last doctors appointment to check on how Griffin's cranial band is and then we are home free to the weekend.  Finally!

Here are some things I'm loving this week.


Who is ready for Christmas?!  I have been buying a yearly ornament since the year my husband and I were married.  I think the little beauty from Pottery Barn will do well hanging on my tree.   
Now that his cranial band is painted, it has become one of my favorite things this week.  I will definitely be keeping it to show Griff when he is older.
Jessica at Little Baby Garvin gave away this awesome chalk board print on her blog this week.  Go ahead and hop over there an snag this Give Thanks print!
For the past few weeks I've been working on some inspiration boards for some rooms in our house.  Lately, it has been all about Griffin's playroom.  Here is a sneak peek of a must have item for this room.
If you are looking for a fun Christmas link up, check this one out this coming Tuesday!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just Fixin' His Flat

Since month 1 of Griffin’s life I had thought that his head was getting flat.  I brought it up to his pediatrician and she didn’t think it was bad and told me that it should shape itself out over the next few months. 

I tried my hardest to rotate him and make sure he got enough tummy time even though he despised it.  I am glad I paid more attention to his head shape early on.  I have family that works in the orthopedics field so I think I was more aware of things early than others might be.  It was something that was on my mind a lot and some might of said I obsessed over my son’s head.  I did.  All that I could worry about was that I did something wrong to cause the flatness and I should of paid more attention from day one and not wait till he was 1 month old.

At Griffin’s 5 month checkup, I stated to the doctor that I was still worried about his head and that I didn’t see any improvement over the past months and that I started noticing that he preferred to look to his left rather than his right.  She referred us to a Pediatric Physical Therapist to see more of what was going on.

His PT said that he had a mild case of plagiocephaly due to a mild case of torticollis.  Torticollis is tightening of the neck muscles, and in Griffin’s case he was tight at the base of his neck on the right side.  This resulted to his plagiocephaly and flattening on the left side of his head.


His PT then referred us to a Hanger Clinic to get his head scanned to see just how bad his plagiocephaly was.  He agreed that it was mild but that he could benefit from having a cranial band.  Griffin would wear the helmet for about 8 weeks, give or take, to reshape his head and help with making his facial features more symmetric.

Now, I’m going to be real honest here.  I did not want the helmet.  I would do anything and everything to help Griffin’s head, but having the “baby helmet” was a hard one to swallow.  I wondered how he would do wearing it and dreading him having to wear it for 23 hours a day and I also didn’t want the stares and questions from people.  I felt like I was going to go from people telling me how adorable he was to questions on what was wrong with him and overlook the adorable smile behind the helmet. 

Our first outing with the cranial band is behind us now.  I got the first stares and questions on what was wrong with him, and now I feel more comfortable with it now.  I guess I was just eager on what people would actually say and question me.  So far so good.  I am honestly just happy that he is going to benefit from the cranial band and that it is going to fix his flat.

Griffin is a champ with his helmet.  We have a little moment of unhappiness when we put it on and take it off, but the time that he is fully wearing it doesn’t seem to bother him.  His sleep hasn't been affected by wearing it at night either.  Thanks goodness!

We had the option of painting or wrapping his helmet to jazz it up a bit.  I wanted Griffin to have a custom piece so I found a lady in North Carolina who does amazing work.  I mailed his helmet to Leigh at Treasured Interiors, and she overnight it back to me the next day.   

Photo Credit
How adorable right? 
Photo Credit
Photo Credit
 I am so thankful for his helmet and I am thrilled that it is going to benefit him by wearing it.  The paint job is a plus!

I hope parents with children that need a doc band get it and don't worry about the small stuff like I did in the beginning.  It is well worth it for your child and the weeks will fly by.  Before you know it, I will be kissing this blonde hair, blue eyed baby's perfectly round head 24/7!
Amber Teething Necklace

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things {My List-House Edition}

Morning Friends! 

Today I am linking up with Elise, Jen, April and Zelle for a fun Christmas Linkup.  For the next two Tuesdays I will be linking up with these girls for the 2nd annual These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things Holiday Linkup Party. 

If you want to join in, feel free to grab the button at the bottom of the page and link back with the party.  I want to see your favorites!

This week I am sharing My favorite things for Christmas 2014.  Since our home should be finished by the end of January (fingers crossed) I am in house décor mode.  I know it may be months until I have the house decorated just how I want it, but I know these things below will only add to the décor I already have.

Favorite Things

one // I have been on the lookout for a small trinket tray to either put on my bedside table or on a shelf in my closet to house my everyday jewelry.  I love the gold etching and it is a great statement piece. 

two //  I have been eyeing this scroll monogrammed door knocker for well over two months.  I love that it is different from your basic knocker and the fact that you can add the monogram for free of charge is a deal!  It is also on sale for $10.00 off right now.

three // My husband had a beautiful wood burning fireplace built in our home.  I honestly don't like the look of your wood just laying around, but I want it to be accessible when it is needed.  I think I could handle the "décor" of this log holder on the hearth for all seasons.

four // I love the look of an open basket sitting at your side table full of blankets.  It is a great catch all and can house all of my blankets in an arm reach away.

five // What a fun way to display my house number.  This would be great to put right beside the front step garden.  The scroll work is beautiful and I love the iron work.  Free monogramming on this right now and it is on sale for $20 off!

six //  How fun is this Funky Hen?  I love the drawing of this little guy and it would be a great addition to any hallway, kitchen, or bathroom. 

seven // I love this piece from the Cream and Country collection.  This hint of blue with the cream is my kind of style.  This is such a favorite of mine and I believe that it will be a timeless piece. 

eight // This pottery barn pillow is wonderful.  It is in their Thanksgiving collection, but I would love it year around.  It is simple enough to put in any room but I could always turn it to the solid side when I wanted a different look.

If you enjoy this link up be sure to link back with the girls for the next two Tuesdays.
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Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday

It's Friday and you know what that means.  Time to link up with your Five on Friday and Friday Favorites!

1.  Griffin is turning 7  months (YES, 7)  at the end of the month and I am already diving into birthday party planning.  This is a little sneak peak at what I am thinking for my big guys first birthday!
Printable Favor Tags - Aviation Birthday Party - Customizable
2.  How can this not be one of my Friday favorites.  I love everything about this picture.  I love that it has my husband smiling and it has my precious sons adorable little feet.  I also don't feel like cropping myself out of it which is always a plus!
Photograph Credit: Abby Williams
3. Minted.  This is the first year that I have looked through the minted website in hopes of finding something I like for our 2014 Christmas cards. They have a little better selections that previous sites used, so I am excited to use something different for this years card.
4. I first tried Honest Diapers through Zulily.  They had a special for a bundle package with a ton of diapers and wipes.  I have never tried their product but I couldn't miss out on the deal they were giving.  It is fun to pick out which patterns you want for your baby and they are known for being "as close to a cloth diaper" as you can get. Griffin tend to always wake up with a FULL diaper in the mornings and sometimes will leak out of his diaper.  Since using the honest diapers, he still fills a diaper up, but there is no leaking and it doesn't feel soggy when I change him.
5.  This fun little link up is happening on Tuesday and for the next two Tuesdays after that.  Come back Tuesday, link up, and share some of your favorites things for Christmas 2014!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Six Month Favorites

Mesh feeder//Play Learn Pup// Shea Baby Wash// Blacks
Mocks// Stroller//Diaper Genie

1. We have reached the "start" of teething and I know that a sharp pearly white will make itself known soon. These mesh feeders have been great to put frozen fruit or ice cubes in and to give Griffin. It is a wet, sticky, slobbery mess but it sure gives him some relief. 
2. The play and learn puppy has been a favorite for the past two months. At six months, I believe Griffin is playing with it more and it is a great toy to grow with him in the months to come. 

3. Shea baby wash. Also known as the miracle for my little's dry skin. He gets his sensitive and dry skin from him Mama and Dada and this really helps smooth out his skin. The smell is amazing. They have other products in there line that you can check out too. 

4. These squeeze and stack blocks are great toys to engage in learning and play.  They are great for developing his fine motor skills and the pop of color is an added bonus. All the blocks can fit easily into their box and we love them for on the go to grandparents' homes. This is another great toy that will grow with your child. 

5.  My favorite of favorites. I found Hello Moccs on Instagram and noticed she always posted flash sales for 50% off Moccs.  I had bought a pair of Moccs from another vendor and was not please on how tight the leather was and it was difficult to put on Griffin's foot. With the flash sales at a Hello Moccs I figured I didn't have much to lose. I love them. The maker is a one woman shop and makes such good quality Moccs.  The leather is soft and I can easily put them on the boy.   My favorite pair is the camo but she has all sorts of styles for your boy or girl. 
6.  I love our City Mini Stroller.  When I was on maternity leave I would walk in the morning and I loved how smooth the stroller was.  Griffin now is able to sit up in the stroller without the use of his car seat and car seat adapters and I am falling in love with it all over again.  I love the all black, and it is super easy  to get in and out of the car.  The larger tires are nice when we go "off roadin'" and it still provides Griff with a smooth ride.
7. If you don't have a diaper genie, run to the store now!  Especially if your little has started eating solids.  It hides the odor and holds A Ton of diapers!  It is small and compact enough to hide in the corner of any nursery and if it is seen it isn't an eye sore.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Round Up

Hi Friends.  I took a week off blogging last week and I spent it with family.  My brother and his wife and their two children came to visit from PA.  I was so excited to see this bunch and give a snuggle to my new niece, Norah.  Griffin and Norah are only about 4 months apart and Griffin couldn't get enough of his new cousin.  My nephew, Declan will be three in December and he has grown so much since I saw him in April.

Last Sunday was a special day.  We were able to Baptize Griffin into the Methodist Church.  It was such a blessed day and we are so grateful for family that were able to make it to his service.

Griffin's gown that he wore for his baptism was actually his Dada's.  My mother-in-law had kept it and it was in perfect condition.  So happy we could use it for Griff.
 Norah is learning that the bigger the bow, the better.

I can't even handle the cuteness of these sweet cousins.

Since the gang won't be here for Christmas this year, we went ahead and celebrated with a few brown paper packages.  (Tide Up With String) ;-)
While my family was in town, I made an appointment with an orthopedist and had Griffin's head scanned to see if he needed a cranial band. (Baby Helmet)  He is on the mild range but he could really benefit from the band.  It will arrive on Friday and he will most likely be wearing it for around 8 weeks.  Possibly less.

It has been two years since we as a whole family had any pictures taken, so we jumped on the opportunity and had some taken by Abby.  If you are in the Upstate of South Carolina, I highly recommend you checking her out.  She helped photograph my wedding and took my favorite picture of my Daddy that I really cherish.

The week has flown by and it's hard to believe that it is Monday again.  My family has traveled back home and we hope to see them in April for Griffin's 1st birthday.  My fingers and toes are crossed.
Hope you all had a great weekend.  Be on the lookout for our 6 month favorites this week.