Monday, September 29, 2014

Planting Our Roots


Ok friends,we are planting our roots!  We finally bit the bullet and we have broken ground.  About a year ago, Luke and I purchased a beautiful piece of land in the country with hopes of planting our roots there sooner than later.  It is in an awesome area, in a great school district, and it takes no time to get to town.  To say we are thrilled is an understatement.
Building a house is very overwhelming.  Add raising a newborn and my husband owning is own business to the mix too. Sigh.  We spend all of our time to the fullest and we try to get as much done in a day as possible.  Sometimes it works out.  Sometimes it doesn’t.
When we started looking at house plans, we tried our best to narrow our styles down to two styles and go from there.  Husband’s style was to build a rustic barn.  My style was to build a traditional home that would be timeless.  We met with the architect and finalized my our dream home. The day after our blueprints where finalized, we changed our mind.  It was more my style with not enough of Luke’s.  So, we’ve compromised.  We are now building OUR dream.  A perfect Farm House on the most perfect piece of property with a beautiful pond.
Before we started on a floor plan we made a list of what features we would love our home to have.                       
                                Open Floor Plan
                                Master Suite
                                3 Baths
                                Lots of Natural Light
                                Vaulted Ceiling in Great Room
                                Large Back Porch
                             At least 10 foot ceilings through entire house
                                Large kitchen with Large Island
                                4 Bedrooms
                                Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace
                                Dining Room
We decided which ones were must haves, and which ones were not.  This made it easier to cut things if need be.
Below are some inspiration for the exterior for our home.  I think the style that we chose is a good mix between the three below.
 Here are some inspiration for the interior of our home.

As of right now, the house is almost in the dry.  The brick will start this week and the roof after that.  As our the building process is progressing, I will be sharing some inspiration for each room.  I have a hard time "decorating" anything so I am relying on Pinterest and other blogs for some inspiration too.
I'm hoping to use every inch of my house and let it be as functional as possible.  If you have built a home or did a remodel, did you use every space to your advantage?  

Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Design

Morning Friends.  Just wanted to hop on here and give a huge thanks to Aliya from Double The Fun for my new blog design.

If you are in need of a new design for you blog go see her.  She is wonderful to work with and gave me exactly what I was looking for.  She also does custom invitations and I will surely be using her soon!
Head on over to her blog and see what she has to offer.  Check in on her adorable Irish Twins too!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

{ griffin:4 months}

Hello Mr. Personality.  You are four months old and you are getting bigger and smarter every day. 

This month has been fun to say the least.  You are 15 pounds and 24.2 inches long.  You have doubled your birth rate which is great!

Since you found your feet last month, you are always tugging at them and are now putting them in your mouth.  Limber boy.

You are still using your voice very well, and have started doing some high pitched squealing.  I use to call you my little pterodactyl when you were first born…I think that nickname is coming back.

You are reaching for your toys and bring them to your mouth.  Heck, everything goes to your mouth these days, who am I kidding.

 You love to standing up while holding someone’s hand and you are a jumping machine.  Since you’ve started jumping you are really enjoying your time in the exersaucer.  You still have not figured out how to use your toys on it, but the jumping part is just as fun for you right now. 

Mama has been working with you on rolling over.  We practice several times a day and you have rolled over from belly to back by yourself twice!  Sadly, you haven’t done it since so maybe you will have it mastered by month 5.  You are still a drooling little boy.  Bibs are all the rage in the house and you have us using up to 4-5 a day.  That’s a lot of washing for your Mama.

You had your first dip in the pool and were not a fan at first.  (It was the dirty diaper) It didn’t take you long to get use to the water and you were laughing in no time.  Daddy and Mama loved experiencing it with you. 

You have started recognizing when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on and you always jump and smile with excitement.  Thank goodness Mickey is timeless.  Even though you love Mickey, Goofy is your guy and he makes you squeal so loud.  Or like a pterodactyl.

We can thank Daycare (and season changes) for your first cold.  Oh man was it a dozy.  The watery eyes, the runny nose, coughing, sneezing, double ear infection, you name it you had it.  Thankfully, after a round of antibiotics you were as good as new. 

You are a very predictable baby.  You love having a schedule and stick to it every day.  It is nice putting you down for a nap before you start getting fussy and you going off to dreamland in a heartbeat.  Makes for a happy Mama. 

Now let’s talk sleep.  Ha, or lack thereof.  Although you are pretty predictable during the day…night time is a different story.  Ever since you had the ear infection and cold,  Yawn.  “They” say there is a 4 month sleep regression, so hopefully you will get back into your wonderful full nights rest soon.  At least your gummy grins make up for the lack of sleep.

You have an elephant lovey that has become your favorite security “blanket”.  If you are fussy and the paci just isn’t cutting in, we put it on your face and you quickly calmed.  It is the perfect size for you to hold onto it with your arms and you smile when you see it.  Thankful, since this is a prize possession, we have two.  I don’t want to lose it or be without it so I have a backup just in case. 
This month, you got a new cousin.  Norah.  We all get to meet her next month and I know that you will be fast friends.  I also found a picture of your cousin Declan and I immediately thought it was you.  I think its funny.  

Norah Chua Hale
Declan on left  Griffin on right
I love that your personality has really been shown this month.  The squeals, the grins, and the laughs bring such a warmth into our home like nothing else.  Happy 4 months sweet boy.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Mini Fall Style

A cold front is on its way here in the South and it has me screaming for Fall.  Dressing my little Mini has been one of my favorite things to do.  You can mostly find him in one piece onesies during the week, but we like to change it up on the weekends when we have outings. 
I lean toward Cobolt Blue year around for myself it is my favorite color on my husband.  I just adore Griff in Blue too.

Usually, I dress Griffin in a solid blue, but I am really looking forward to bring in some pattern.
My go to for some of Griffin's nicer items is BabyGap. Their fall selection for the littles are on point, and everytime you turn around they are having a 40% off sale.
Gingham and stripes are a great staple piece to have and they are great to layer over too.
What are some of your favorite fall mini must haves?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

{ griffin:3 months}

Griffin, are you really three months old?  When people said time flies when you are having fun, they weren’t kidding.  How is it that you have changed so much in such a short period of time? 

You are still growing, but still on the small side.  At your three month doctor’s visit, you weighed 13lbs 2oz and 23 inches long.  Your Mama and Daddy are tall beings, so you will probably hit a growth spurt…one day.  I finally bit the bullet, and put away your newborn clothes and pulled out your 0-3 months and 3 months.  It was bittersweet to see those tiny outfits being put away, but I love to look at your new clothes. We went ahead and bumped you up to size 2 diapers and I feel like you will be in there for at least 2 months.  We shall see.

You sleep in your pack-n-play at night, but have been very restless.  Your doctor said that we could put you in your bouncer to sleep in at night, because of possible reflux.  Thankfully, you do not have any problems in the reflux area, but you seemed to like the bouncer and continued to sleep all night.  Such a rock star!  It is so nice to get a full nights rest. 

You are eating 4-5 ounces every 3-3.5 hrs.  I feel like you are going through a small growth change, and need more to fuel your body.  We switched up your formula from the advance to the sensitive and you seem to be more settled after your bottle.

I think my favorite thing this month is you finding your voice.  You have learned to get our attention by using it too. Such a boy!  When you are awake, you are still moving constantly.  Your legs and arms are definitely getting a workout. You are also trying to get abs of steel.  You try so hard to sit up but can’t do it unassisted. 

You have found your hands and you think they taste awesome.  You will spend a few seconds admiring them, and straight to the mouth they go.  Speaking of mouth, you love giving open mouth kisses.  I really adore them, even if I’m wiping my face down numerous times a day.  You are reaching to grab everything!  If you see it, you try your best to get ahold of it, even Mama’s hair.

You have a new favorite game too, Griffin.  You and Daddy made a game out of sticking your tongue out at each other.  It is quit adorable and I love seeing you mimic your Daddy.  I know there is more of that to come.

A fun new “milestone” happened this month too.  Drool!  You are the #1 drooler for sure. I knew that there was a possibility of the teething process to start early, even months before a tooth broke through, but holy drool.  I know drooling comes with the teething territory, but I never knew it would be this amount of spit.  Thank goodness we have plenty of bibs.

Since having you, Holidays have just been more fun!  This month we celebrated your first Fourth of July and you were very patriotic. 

You started daycare this month and it was such a hard transition.  You are in a class full of friends your age and have started having “tummy time” dates while you are there. 


You lift?
Mama has a new love for mini moccs

Griff with his cousin Jacob.  I love their faces.
It seems like you are changing every day. It amazes me how much you are able to do in the short three months you have been here. We are certainly blessed with a wonderful boy and couldn’t ask any more from you.  Happy Four Months big guy!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

{ griffin: 2 months}

Griffin.  You are Mama and Dada’s sweet boy.  If you can believe it, this month was better than the last.  You are all smiles all the time.  Seeing your first legit SMILE made me feel like the luckiest Mama in the world.  You recognize me but you light up when your Dad comes in the room.  You are such a happy baby and only cry when hungry or over tired.  You are eating 4oz every 4 hours during the day and snoozing like a “baby” all night long. When you are tired and grumpy, all we have to do is rub your face (you get this from your Mama) and off to dreamland you go. 
You had your first church service, your first mountain weekend getaway, and your first overnight stay away from Mama & Dada.

You are a happy go lucky baby.  You love your swing and would stay in the bath all day if you wouldn’t prune up.

You are tolerating tummy time for the moment.  You have improved a little as long as your stimulated.  5-10 min is your max.

At your two month check-up you weighed 11 pounds 4 ounces and you are 21.5 inches long.  You are growing perfectly, our short little chubs.

We have moved you up to size 1 diapers, but you could have stayed in your newborns for a wee bit longer. Your newborn onesies on the other hand, your Mama is stretching those out to kingdom come.  Not quite ready to say goodbye to those tiny little things.

You love car rides, but you hate the process of having to get into the car seat.  You have learned to buck when your hinny hits the seat, which means a workout for this Mama.

It is hard to believe that my maternity leave has come to an end.  Mama would love nothing more than to snuggle you all day.  I’m sure you will love meeting new friends at daycare and Mama is looking forward to some adult interaction.

You are such a joy, Griffin.  We are learning your cries and trying our best to fix them.  I have worked hard on your eat/play/sleep schedule and we have it down pat.  The past two months have been awesome and I love watching you learn every day.  Seeing you change so much over the past 2 months have made our hearts full.  Feel free to stay Mama’s baby forever.