Monday, June 6, 2016

{griffin: 5 months}

Month five has been full of excitement.  Your sweet personality continues to come through, and we love how vocal, active, and wiggly you are becoming.  Can we talk about how your laughter just melts me?  You started belly laughing in full force, and always let out the biggest sigh when you’re done.  It’s

As your personality is growing, you are defiantly showing us that you are a little spitfire. You know how to get what you want, and always give a gummy grin, once you’ve gotten it.
Uncle Will & Aunt SM kept you while Mama and Dada had a date night.

At 5 months, you are still growing and are 15.8lbs. You’re a little on the shorter side so that makes for some kissable belly rolls. You are still wearing your 3 month clothes. However, I've been mixing some of your 3-6 month items into the mix too.
You are doing a lot with your hands this month.  Aside using your hands to put every toy/object in your mouth, you have figured that you have fingers attached to your hands and they make the perfect soother.  I hope that you don't continue to suck your thumb, but if you do, at least you are adorable while doing it.  You have also mastered holding your own bottle.  I guess you've decided that if you want it bad enough, you have to do it yourself.

You got your first taste of rice cereal this month too...and you HATED it!  I think hate is an understatement too.  I just knew that you would love it and I wouldn't be able to feed you fast enough once you got your first bite of it.  Wrong.  I'm not sure why you not liking rice cereal never crossed my mind, but it didn't.  Thankfully, after a week of you pushing your lips tightly together, gagging, and pitching the biggest fit of your life, that hurdle has passed and you are liking it now. 
The doctor says your belly may be getting in the way of you rolling over. We are still practicing rolling from front to back, and from back to front. You seem to have an easier time rolling from back to front though.
Since you have found your toes, you have loved rolling from side to side.  I feel that you now are more comfortable on your side, so you have decided to sleep on your left side at night.  We have also done away with the swaddle.  You like to sprawl out and seem less uncomfortable without it.  Every night I rock you to sleep and you drift off to dreamland so peacefully. Then, when I lay you down I try and do it so lightly like I am trying to disable a bomb
You have gone back to sleeping through the night with the exception of waking up maybe once.
You have started having a preference of toys.  You know which one you want and are not happy until you get it.  Once you see the toy that you want coming near you, you give the biggest grin.  Little Stinker.

You have had some special time with Dada this month.  He has been so busy building your house and time has been precious.  He is really good and getting your giggle box turn on and the belly laughs you give him are so funny.  Mama just sits back and laughs with you.
You were sick...again.   This time was a viral infection.  You had it for a whole week, but we are so happy you are back to your normal self.  When you are sick, you are a stage five clinger!!  You need to be held so much more and I am perfectly okay with that.

Month 5 was full of celebrations too! We Celebrated your first Labor Day,
Your first picture day at Daycare,

Your first Grandparent's Day,
First Opening Day of Deer Season,


  and your first solid Orange Friday. Go Tigers!

We also introduced you to your new Boon Highchair.  Of course you love it, because you'll take anything that helps you sit up and that you eat in.

 Life is so sweet with you in it and its hard to believe that next month we will be celebrating your half birthday. We love you sweet boy and are so thankful to be able to do life with you.
And just for the fun of more picture of this dough-y little pale skinned boy.




  1. Oh my goodness!! Too cute! I love seeing what other babies are doing a around the same age as Boston. And we have a thumb sucker too :) he still hasn't learned how to close his fist so he's always poking himself in the eye lol!

    Summer Ann

  2. He is just the cutest!! Bowen did not like the rice cereal either so I tried the oatmeal cereal instead and he loves that. My little guy hasn't sucked his thumb yet but is it ok to secretly wish he did it at least one time so that I could see the cuteness?!?! haha