Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Coleman | Five Months

My baby boy is five months!  How are we already to close to being a 1/2 of a year?  Time seems to go back quicker the second time around and it sure is a shame that babies just don't keep.
To play a little catch up, here is Coleman one through four months.

Life with you has been so much fun!  You are learning more and more every single day.  You seem to have changed in a blink. 
 This month, you had your first sick day.  I'm going to call it teething because your little hands stay in your mouth 24/7.  You got to enjoy your first pool day with your brother and cousin, even though it didn't last long.

Learning out to eat from a spoon has been an experience this month.  Griffin loves to help feed you and does a great job at it. You love for your brother to be around and your eyes are always glued to him.

You are still doing great at rolling over.  It is hard to keep you in one position for long because you want to be on the move so badly.  You are also starting to get up on your knees...Mama can wait a little longer so hold off on the crawling, bud!

We had you screened this month to see if you need a cranial band like your brother.  Turns out, you have tightening in your neck which has led to a small flat spot on the back of your head.  Dada and Mama have been working 24/7 with your head and we hope it will correct its self soon.  However, if you end up needing to have a helmet, I already have a fun paint design picked out for it!

You are loving your jumparoo!  You can get a little fussy after you eat and we can place you in it and you become such a smiley babe.  Sometimes, we have to turn on Mickey Mouse if your really fussy.  Works like a charm!

I have some prayers for you for the next month.  I pray that your acid reflux improves because it is no joke and I know it makes you uncomfortable at times.  I also pray that your head shape evens out and that we don't have to go down the path to a cranial band.  Thank you Coleman for being such a joy to us.  You were the best unexpected surprise and you are such a miracle.  We love you!

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  1. You need to come up for norahs 2nd birthday so we can see the kiddos soon!!!!!