Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Griffin {9 months}

So hard to believe that you are nine months old and in three short months we will be celebrating your 1st Birthday.

You are still a little talker and still mimics sounds that you hear.  It has honestly be one of the cutest things we do on the way home from school every day.  You have learned to growl and you always scrunch up your nose when you do it.  You talk all the time and you have learned new sounds.  In addition to Mama and Dada, you have started saying Baah for “ball”.

You prefer to sit on your knees when you play rather than sit on your bottom.  You look so grown up when I find you this way.  You enjoy waving but you like to put in a little more effort and use your whole arm instead of just your hand.
You have a new favorite game and that is to play Peek-A-Boo.  You get the biggest kick when we finally say “Boo”.
You are an awesome crawler and you always crawl so fast.  I think you always have your eye on something and you know that you need to get to it fast before your Mama takes it.  Sneaky kid.  You started pulling yourself up to stand this month and you have become a professional cruiser. 

You are still a good eater and love just about everything that we give you.  I hope you are more like your Dada and enjoy trying different foods.  Your favorite food is still yogurt and you gobble it up in no time.  We introduced Puffs snacks to you this month and you love eating them out of Dada and Mama’s mouth.  You are so proud of yourself that you usually do a little dance once you get the Puff.

This is my RAWWW face
You now have a “witching hour” and it is a sight.  This usually happens between 5:00 and 6:00.  You want to be in our lap but at the same time you want down to play.  You are hungry but you rather play than eat.   Hoping this little spell dwindles down next month.
You are still an awesome sleeper.  You take two naps a day that can range from 1 hour to 1.5 hours and you sleep 12 hours at night.  During the night you are all over the crib and I can usually find you at the other end that I put you in the night before.  You always wake up happy and you are a morning person like your Mama.
You moved to a new room at daycare and you have loved being mobile with all of the other children.  I know you have fun while we are at work. We celebrated your first New Years and Uncle Will's Birthday. 


You love cuddles and you bring so much joy to us.  We talk and think about you constantly and we cannot believe you are ours.  We love you sweet boy.  Happy 9 months.



  1. Happy 9 months Griffin! What a busy boy- moving all ove r the place AND talking! I know you're having so much fun! (Lawter likes to wave with her whole arm too, just flapping away excitedly hah!)

  2. Oh my goodness, he is just the cutest lil guy! So precious, I love all of the photos!

  3. He is so stinking cute! Happy 9 months little guy!

  4. happy 9 months!! My little girl Harper will be 9 months tomorrow - what?! It's crazy that they'll be one soon!!

  5. He is adorable!! Happy 9 months!!!

  6. Oh my good gracious. He is so precious. I LOVE the pic with all of the food in his hair. He looks so proud of that mess. :)

    Summer Ann
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