Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dear New Mom,

Dear New Mom,

Congratulations and welcome to the best part of your life.  Motherhood!
It is the most beautiful, difficult, and emotional experience you will ever go through.  You went from having fears during your pregnancy to fears about all the “whatifs” now that the baby is here.  Try and listen to your own instincts and above all, google less. Hard I know, but it instills other fears that we didn’t have prior.
You will have many “mom experts”  give you advice on what you should do and should not do.  If it is asked for take notes.  If it was given freely, take it with a grain of salt and know that what you are doing is right.
You will be emotional.  Let it out! It doesn’t matter if you cry alone or in Target, let it out.  Have no shame and you will feel renewed after a good cry.
One of the hardest things is to not compare yourself to other moms.  Know that you are doing it right and tune out the judgment and trust yourself.
You are going to be scared and worry about everything.  Are they eating enough? Are they gaining weight?  Are they on the same level as other babies their age?  Let it go.  Switch out your fears with being in awe over what was created with love.
Your days may go slow but trust me, your years will fly by.  Don’t look for the fast forward button but instead take everything day by day by rejoicing and celebrating your miracle. 
You are on a new journey that is so imperfect and beautiful all at the same time.
Know that it gets better.  All of it gets better.

A Still Learning Mama

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