Thursday, January 15, 2015

Organizing 101 {Every Girl Link Up}

January is the month of a clean slate and making things better than the year before.  Earlier in the month, I wrote this post about my hopes for the year.  One major thing for me is to be more organized. 
Saying that I want to be organized is such a broad topic and I like to think in the now.  The best thing to do is start small.
When I think of organizing, I relate that to the home.  If you want to organize your house, start with the living area (or area that is most commonly used) and then pick certain areas within that room to work on for an entire week.  Clean out magazines, organize DVDs/CDCs, dust all surfaces, tidy up toys, put away non-seasonal items, baseboards, etc.  If you have curtains, this is a great time to get those washed as well.
After one room is finished, move on to the next.  I am a list person, so you could always have a list for each room and what needs to be done, and check off as the tasks are complete.
Sometimes it is nice to go off of a list that someone else has complied.  I know other people can think of things that need to be done that I never thought of.  Here is a organized tool broken down into the 52 weeks of the year. 
Also, remember that less is more.  I always have a pile to "throw away", "keep", and "donate".  This is an easy way to de-clutter your home fast.  I keep a bag in my closet year around for items that I want to donate, so if I come across something during the year that I no longer want/use, it goes in the donate bag. Easy and quick.
Once your entire home is organized, it is always nice to have things to keep it organized. 
Baskets for keeping throws and blankets.

Bins to store DVDs and CDs.
Places for toys to go when they are not in use.

Industrial Basket & Toys Liner
Linking up with these ladies for the rest of the year on the Every Girl link up.
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  1. Organization is KEY to me not feeling stressed. I need to get better about orgazizing our apartment and I love those baskets for the throws.

  2. I really love your idea of working on one room at a time, for a week each, instead of trying to tackle the house all at once!
    I also like that you keep a donate bag in your closet at all times.
    Thanks for linking up :)

  3. LOVE that toy basket! So cute~


  4. I LOVE all of those baskets! I'm a basket junkie myself, and I'm always looking for the perfect one! And I agree, once you get organized, it's so much easier to stay organized!

    1. Thanks girl. I love baskets. New follower on your blog!