Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Griffin {8 months}

Someone should of told me to get in tip top shape before Griffin turned 8 months old, because Mama.Is.Tired. 

The kid below is on the move and will no longer sit still so I can snap a few pictures.  I will now cherish all the blurry pictures from here on out. 

Eight months have brought us tons of change and growth on your part.  You like to shake your head no and you still mimic other people.  You also started crawling this month.  You went from rocking on your knees to fully crawling over night.  You hate to be still and must always be on the go. 
With you being so mobile now, you are also learning the word, No.  Boy, do you hate to hear that word.  You like to test my buttons try to do whatever I said no to, but I hope you are quickly learning your boundaries.  We shall see. 

You still take bottles, but we have moved you to yogurt in the mornings and added stage 2 baby food to your diet.  You didn't miss a beat when switching from Stage 1 to Stage 2 so I am glad we didn't have any regression in your eating.

Your personality is shining, baby.  You definitely do not meet a stranger and you still will go to anyone and give them your best smile. 

You are still my little water baby and we introduced you to a sink bath.  You thought you were hot stuff sitting in their like a big boy.  Baths no require Mama and Dada to wear raincoats and have lots of extra towels on hand from all the splashing.  But we are happy to have you happy.

This month was also full of sickness.  You had your 9th ear infection which resulted to you having surgery to have tubes place in your ears and we had a hospital visit with RSV.  Thankfully it did not require you to stay overnight.

Sleep this month has been a hit of miss.  There are some nights that you wake up every hour and some nights that you sleep straight until morning and I have to wake you up to go to school.  I blame it on all the sickness and stuffy nose that you've had off and on. 

You love your Dada but you have been a huge Mama's boy.  I can hardly leave the room without you getting your feelings hurt and poking out your lip.  Hopefully your separation anxiety will pass, but for now I am eating it all up.

We also started letting you sit in the shopping carts some on quick trips to the store.  You love being able to see everything and everyone.  You give your best squinty eyed smile and flirt with all the ladies. Such a heart breaker.

This month you celebrated your first Thanksgiving and your first Christmas.  Those holidays were so much fun with you in them.

I swear I have the new Mama syndrome because you get more cute and sweet everyday.  You seem to do something funny and you always have me cracking up at you sweet, sweet boy. 

Happy 8 months Griffin.  You are the light of my life and I am very lucky to be your Mama.  Now if we can just get you to call me Mama. ;-)


  1. It's so funny hoe much we always have in common with these posts!! Swap out the fact that mine doesn't crawl, but she does say mama (no clue why she's saying it I'm sure hah) and our babes are pretty darn similar right down to the stuffy little noses! We're headed to the ent next week. Precious boy!

  2. I love that you said that! It makes me heart happy to find other Mamas with children the same age as Griff. Hows your little one eating? Mine is a battle everynight.