Friday, January 30, 2015

Oh Hey, Friday! {September Goals}

Happy Friday friends!  I hope the weather is fine your way.  We have been spoiled with these spring like temps this week and all it makes me want to do is be outside and enjoy it with Mr. G.

I made some hopes for 2015 back in this post but I would also like to have small monthly goals to strive for.  I am a list maker so this makes my OCD heart sing to do this too.


Start making purchases for Griffin's Birthday party.  His party will be at the end of April, but I really don't want to buy everything at once.  My husband bank account may freak out.  So far I have purchased a monthly banner, name cake topper, and mini cupcake toppers.  They are coming from Little Dovie and I am so excited to be working with her.

Cook 3 times or more a week.  I am lacking in this department.  A cook I am not, but I want to try all those wonderful pins in my food board on Pinterest.  So, hubby get ready to get your belly filled!!

Enjoy the wonderful spring like temps we have had.  I know we are getting into one of our cooler months, but we are still suppose to have some warmer days and I plan on spending it outside. 

Track all of my food intake.  I just completed my first DietBet game with Mama Laughlin and I am so excited to be splitting such a huge pot.  With the DietBet game, you had to lose 4% of your weight in one month.  What a way to stay accountable is to get $$$ for all your hard work.  While doing this I tracked my food intake on certain days.  I didn't do it 100% of the time but for February I want to track everything for the entire month.  The good, the bad, and the what did I eat that.

Go through closet and get rid of items.  We are moving soon!!  Well, not soon enough.  More like moving in a month.  I digress.  I want to go through our closets and get rid of the items that I have been shoved in there and don't belong or items that we just don't wear anymore.  Luke has items from High School, so I am hoping that he can part with all some of them.

That's it.  I think it should be fairly easy to accomplish.  The main on that is going to be a little difficult is to track my food.  It is just something that take a lot of time and who has time for measuring out everything.  But, it is a goal I am working to achieve.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Tracking food is great! I use the Daily PLate app, and it keeps me so accountable. On the days I use it at least.

  2. Yay for to-do lists! I get such satisfaction from crossing things off my lists.

    1. Me too! I love the fact of having things scratched off the list!

  3. I'm with you on the list making! I love the idea of breaking it down into monthly tasks. Great idea! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. love monthly goals! I find it is great encouragement. Yay for a productive and fun month!

  5. Love this idea! I just cleaned out my closet last night and it felt soooo good! Hope you have a fab weekend.

    Summer Ann
    Simply Summer Ann Blog

    1. Right? I get such a joy out of getting rid of stuff!

  6. Thinking of starting my 1st birthday purchases for Harper in May - I'm still in a bit of denial over it all, but I definitely need to get to it so the $$ doesn't hit all at once!

    1. Yes girl! How cute is that name. I love it! Take it from me. I have started and I am so so happy I have. So thankful not to be purchasing all at once.