Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Favorites + 5 on Friday

Maybe it was because we had a three day work week last week, but this week as absolutely flown by.  I am not complaining.  Hubs and I are planning a date night and our little guy will be going to Mamaw's for the night.
Since it's Friday, lets get on with our Friday Favs shall we?
//one//  Hales Little Angels.  My Dad was over a Radiology Department where we live and some of his students made up this little design for a T-shirt.  I always heard stories about the T-shirt that was made but had never seen it.  I was able to contact some of his old students and get a shirt.  I took it to be remade and was able to give shirts to my family for Christmas.  So thankful to have a little piece of Daddy.

//two// Griff had a little "mini" Christmas shoot and we ended up with this adorable picture.  He looks so much like a little man.  Love him!

//three// It has been a tradition for Luke to place the star on the tree since we were married.  I'm sure as Griffin gets older, we may let him place it on the tree himself for fun.  I look forward to that.

//four// The house is progressing.  The drywall is finished we the gutters and edging is being done this week. Hopefully we can get some lighting, hardwoods, and tile pick out this weekend.  I'm so eager to get in and get it decorated and to make it our home.

//five// I have been having so much fun with Griffin and #Griffins25daysofChristmas.  I am trying to either dress him for Christmas or do some kind of Christmas activity everyday until Christmas is here.  I can see this being a lot of fun as he gets older.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend!


  1. How adorable is Griffin?!? So sweet, love the 25 days of Christmas idea! And how exciting that you're building a house - that has to be such a fun process! Happy weekend :)

  2. That "Joy" picture is so cute of Griffen! :)