Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Enjoying Living on the Farm

Saturday was such a beautiful day!  We had great weather for February.  Since it was such a nice day, we invited my parents to bring their dogs over to enjoy a walk around the farm. 

Ahhh the farm.... I love living on the farm.  A little bit of history before I go on.  The Farm is Luke's Grammies old home place.  We actually live in his parents first home.  Luke was able to remodel “The Blue” house this past summer so this is our starter home as newlyweds.
We are fortunate to live on about 170 acres along with his Uncle’s family.  They are great neighbors to have.

Okay, since being married my parents have been over a lot, but have not really seen the farm like Luke and I see it.  We thought it would be a great day to walk a little bit through the pine trees, then hop onto the golf cart to show them the rest of the farm.
My Daddy already enjoy his walk

Luke had to carry a gun because we have some wild dogs that have been coming on the property

Tank and Tax telling us to hurry up

Mom and the Hubby

This is Tax.  He is a champion during Dog Shows and is supposed to be an excellent hunter.....fyi Tax hates feathers.

Tank is the son of Tax.  Tank is the real hunter in the family.
The men decided to take a pit stop and enjoy the pond with the dogs.

Okay, the golf cart broke down on us.  I may or may not have been driving it at the time.  It is still up for discussion.

We all had a great afternoon at the farm. Mom and I were able to get A LOT of exercise in since we had to hike back to the house to get Luke's truck to pull the golf cart back home.  I think my Dad enjoyed it the most.

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