Monday, February 27, 2012

Babies, Birthdays, and The Godfather

This past weekend was jammed packed for myself and the husband.  We were so blessed to be able to spend the entire weekend with family and friends.

Friday, Luke and I picked up dinner for ourselves and the Jones family.  The Jones are a great couple.  They are a blast to be around and we have really enjoyed their friendship.

The Jones and Edwards

 The Jones family has received one of God's greatest blessings.  Their son baby F was born about 2 weeks ago and was 4 weeks early.  Their little man had a little bit of a rough start but is now healthy and happy.  Not to mention, a very laid back baby.

Sweet Little Monkey

Saturday, it was off to Grammie's house to celebrate Luke's Uncle Clough's birthday.  I always enjoy the time that I spend with the Campbell family.

Lara Lou got a hold of my phone. 

Lisa, Lara and Clough

I also got to meet the newest addition to the Campbell family.  Meet Ellie, daughter of Carrie and Dan
Sweet Cheeks

Sunday was a restful afternoon.  We were able to relax around the farm and enjoy the nice weather we've been having.  Sunday night we went to the Hall's home to have dinner and celebrate Luke's best friend Owen's birthday.

Pardon the picture layout.  It would not let me turn it.

It wouldn't be a party without a game of PIG.  Grammie would play this game with all of her Grands when they were growing up.  I have just learned this game and let me tell gets intense!

PIG is a fast playing game


For many people, hearing the word “godfather” brings up images of Italian mob bosses calling in hits on rival mob families or snitches within their own ranks.  However, over the weekend, my husband got one of the greatest honors.  He was asked to be Little F's Godfather.  Luke was so shocked but so appreciative when the Jones family asked.  I know Luke will be a great mentor and be a good example for his godchild.

Sweet baby F

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